Ann Coulter Back Any Candidate You Want as Long as It’s One of These Three Katie Pavlich Mention of Mass Stabbing Curiously Missing From Obama’s Pennsylvania Speech
James Taranto An Obama nominee warned about politicizing the census.

As did half of us.

Washington Examiner Poll: Most Americans believe Obama lies on important issues
Washington Examiner Things you just can’t make up: Far-left, “pro-union,” anti-conservative…

Media Matters for America is resisting SEIU’s effort to unionize its staff Yet another one?

Major Democratic donor indicted over campaign contributions

Mark Steyn

The slow death of free speech

How the Left, here and abroad, is trying to shut down debate — from Islam and Israel to global warming and gay marriage

Margaret Wente “Righteous moral certainty and demands for censorship used to be vices of the right. Now they are most often vices of the left.”
Intolerance is now a vice of the left


Guy Benson Wendy Davis Getting Crushed in Texas
Thomas Sowell “War on women”™ bullcrappery:
Statistical Frauds
New York Times Failure leads to this in Obama’s America.
Sebelius Said to Weigh Run for Kansas Senate Seat
Detroit Free Press Obama said al Qaeda was dead, and Detroit was alive (1).

DC in talks to bail out bankrupt Detroit

CNN Obama said al Qaeda was dead, and Detroit was alive (2).

Unsettling video shows large resurgent al Qaeda meeting in Yemen

Human Events IRS documents show Lois Lerner wanted to sic the Justice Department on targeted conservative groups Breitbart


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Hillary rides a Boeing, or Boeing rides a bought politician? Or both.

Few things irk me more than fat-cat politicians using their positions, and huge corporations using their cash, working together for each other’s benefit. Nothing about it smells pleasant. A fat-cat politician using her position to get cash used to be called, well, any number of nasty criminal things which would land you and me in […]

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Lose Firefox. But if you must keep it, don’t do web searches with it and they’ll go broke.

If you haven’t heard of the backlash against Mozilla, which is the owner of the Firefox browser brand, here are a few links to bring you up to speed: Mozilla CEO & The Intolerant-Left Thought Police Liberals Who Have Forgotten How to be Liberal A Faculty Revolution Against Free Speech Mozilla’s Intolerance OkFascist Tolerance: Tech […]

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Liberal: “Blather!” Conservative: “Science! Facts!”

Bang! Loved this Twitter exchange from last night between’s Katie Pavlich, who is indomitable, and the failed CNN host Piers Morgan, rabid and apparently ignorant anti-gun zealot. The back-and-forth actually went on for a while, but this one hits the target: Um, they have dropped. Down by half since 1992. Facts, @piersmorgan — Katie […]

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Dems and their media division demand GOP list their Obamacare fixes; while Dems have none

The Democrats are still hammering (and possible sickle-ing) out their “smart” strategy to deal with the growing Obamacare failure, in time for the 2014 mid-term campaign, but “Fix Obamacare, don’t repeal it!” seems to be the nut. NBC’s Chuck Todd thought it might be fun to ask the head of the Democrats exactly what fixes […]

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Help fund new TV movie about serial late-term abortionist Kermit Gosnell

The movie-makers behind the excellent documentary “FrackNation” are launching a unique crowd-sourcing effort to fund a new TV movie about the late-term abortionist and baby killer Kermit Gosnell. Click here to help fund this important TV film, since liberal Hollywood and the mainstream media won’t do it. Possibly related posts: MUST READ: Mike Adams’ column […]

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Actual news, not satire: aborted babies thrown into furnace to heat hospitals. Thanks liberals.

I found the story not by being informed via the ever so trusty mainstream media, but via Twitter. One of the conservatives I follow on Twitter tweeted it out. Then another, then another. Only conservatives tweeted it out. A link to The Telegraph was included. I set out to read more about it. Being parked […]

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When government deems a park as sacred and organizes a “pilgrimage?” Tweet Poo!

Total confusion! The upcoming “Earth Day” (barf) promises lots of pure, natural, “organic,” un-man-made, Earthy stuff to do. If, that is, as a normal person, you can ignore the left-wing aura that envelopes the obviously politically tainted “Earth Day.” For example, you could do like the Muslims do when they embark on their sacred pilgrimage, […]

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Good evening. Here’s your totally useless news report from your crackerjack journalists, for Friday.

So… what the heck are “encounters” with police? And how many “encounters” with police by one or two thugs does it take to wake up a reporter… 12? 97? How about 120? Still asleep? 300? OK how about 460-odd? Does that wake you up?

Apparently the magic number of police encounters is well over 700.

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Ukraine: Liberal media scatter like rats now, after first getting Obama elected

Notes on the news coverage of Ukraine crisis: As soon as this started happening, I recalled in my little noggin the words of straight-shooter Sarah Palin, from back in 2008. She warned that if Obama were elected, Putin might just try to take Ukraine. I mostly remember liberals and their media laughing like hyenas at […]

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