Promise you’re not vile too?

Maybe people are ascared of the PC Police, and that’s why they’re behaving like history suddenly started just last week.

During the Sunday debate Trump should ask Clinton to promise to the American people that she has never said anything vile and sexist.

That’s what I tweeted yesterday. Even though it was post-JD on ice, I still think it holds up as a good strategy.

I could have started this screed with what just about everybody is starting their lamentations with, such as, “First let me say that I absolutely deplore Donald Trump’s horrible language and (blah blah)….”.  But let’s cut the crap. The bar for what we’ve been told is acceptable and re-electable behavior was changed — set very, very low — in the 1990s. Bill Clinton and all his supporters, which is most of America, went ahead and rewrote the etiquette book way back in the early 1990s. Right?

Trump’s behavior is WAY above that bar.

Bill Clinton supposedly put his cigar into a White House intern’s vagina, in the Oval office, put a funky “spot” containing his DNA on her dress, and probably much, much more, and then lied to the American people about it all. Extremely serious allegations were also made by several women about rape, molestation, groping, and general lewd behavior. Clinton reportedly settled out of court on at least one of those allegations, with a stack of cash amounting to well into seven figures. He was impeached. Disbarred.

Some recent articles from today’s Drudge Report:

If a guy (Bill Clinton) would do things like he did — imagine what he says. Imagine what he thinks.  So we agree that’s where the bar was set, right? It’s important because I mean everybody, at least on the left, the media especially, just totally love him.

Conservatives — and not just a few other Americans and people all over the world — were rightly outraged by Bill Clinton’s abhorrent sexual behavior (in the Oval Office!) and his egregious dishonesty — his outright lying to the world. He brought the level of civility, and the world’s expectations of western world leaders, to a very, very deep new low — a low bar which has not yet, thankfully, been lowered by anyone else. This new low level of civility and behavior from a sitting (or lying-down — we’re not sure) president was completely unacceptable to everyone — everyone except Democrats and actually, most of the left.

We were instructed by the Clintons and all their people, including the Clinton-luvin’ media who largely covered for him, that it was all totes cool. It was “just sex.”

Hillary, for her part, publicly slammed and shamed the women accusers, holding nothing back on the vile language or innuendo or sexism. But Look! A squirrel! was practically the official motto of the entire left-wing industrial complex, as they — in complete unison — worked-over the American people and the world and demanded that they ignore their abhorrent behavior, including all the language, and they ultimately rescued Bill and Hillary Clinton. They’re still doing it now.

The extreme left-wing organization “” was created (with Hillary Clintons help) to help in that cover-up scam. It was created for that very reason — to help brush off and reform the image of Bill and Hillary Clinton, despite Bill Clinton having performed some of the most egregious transgressions ever committed by any western leader, and Hillary Clinton’s efforts to shame Bill Clinton’s accusers in her defense of Bill Clinton. And people on the left still fund, to this very day, that now huge, and very rich organization. In other words they still stand by their man, and woman, and they stick with that plan.

So the bar remains that low, according to them.

So spare me the platitudes about Trump saying awful things and not behaving “presidential” — and the faux outrage.

If we’re going to have another one of those “national conversations” about an issue sparked by this (didja notice: these big “conversations” are only allowed for issues advancing the Left?) then let’s have the whole conversation. So it’s going to be necessary to talk about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s behavior, replaying clips over and over, and how they totally got away with it, which was largely as a result of a media cover up,, and many a Democrat shouting Squirrel!. It will not be pretty. It will not help Democrats.

She/they are running for president right now, and slamming Trump for his recent behavior, right now. History did not start when Donald Trump ran for president.

Call me a conservative, but I’m still stuck in the 1990s, before Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton did what they did and said what they said and then re-wrote the book on what’s acceptable behavior. My standards remain pretty moderate (yeah that’s right, not screwing young underlings is not “good” or “high” standards, it’s merely “adequate” or moderate”).

But if, given her history and her chronic infidelity with the truth, Hillary Clinton has the guts to risk it all and make the promise to America and the world that she has never said anything vile and disgusting or sexist — despite what we know; risking the odds that Trump or someone will come up with another, perhaps more blatant audio or video (which is sure to be out there), then I’ll eat my hat or perform whatever demeaning thing you can come up with. That’s how sure I am that she cannot legitimately make that promise.


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War news: Schlichter and Coulter battle for the defence of non-leftist voices, and America’s inherent freedom

I’ve been around politics long en… oh never mind. Even seventh-graders know what happens at election time — I mean what really happens — in spite of their left-wing public school teachers. What happens is the liberals’ many left-wing forces (I’m going to have to start putting quotes around “liberal”) all align with left-wing candidates to defeat or silence dissenting (read: conservative) voices, using whatever shouty, interrupty, hypocritical, deceptive, smearing, bullying, smarmy, and sometimes even violent means at their disposal. Sure they do this all year long to a huge extent, but they really come alive at election time.

It’s legal, of course (or most of it is, with massive exceptions like the IRS targeting conservative groups, which is both illegal and fascist; and most anything the Clintons do), and it’s allowable (again most of it is) under any “interpretation” of the U.S. Constitution. So is eating deep-fried pig vaginas, but it’s just a very bad idea.

Colonel Kurt Schlichter commands this file — and it’s a weighty one. It contains our knowledge of the liberals’ contemptible, well, fascism. 

(Excuse the poor craftsmanship on their headline, where “Silent” should be “Silence”)

Liberal Attempts To Silent Dissenters Will Not End Well

So, that man in “Freedom of Speech,” the famous Norman Rockwell painting of an America exercising one of the liberals’ least favorite rights, stands up in 2016 to say his peace and … it will not end well. You see, to liberals, what our guy has to say isn’t important – what’s important to liberals is to shut him up. It’s to punch down upon him with cheap mockery so he’s beaten into Liberals nightmare: Norman Rockwell-Freedom-of-Speechsubmission. It’s to use shame to silence him and every other irredeemable deplorable in order to consolidate their progressive death grip upon America’s throat.

This will not end well.

See, a republic with democratic features like the United States can’t function without the possibility of discussion. It needs citizens to have the ability to rationally debate the issues, to be heard so that they can perceive the process as fair and one where they are equal participants. But that’s exactly what liberals, with tactics like political correctness, Jon Stewarty snark, and the outright lies of their vinyl-body-suited mainstream media chorus, seek to prevent. Discussion can only exist where customs and norms demand that all voices be heard, that the points of the opposition are at least characterized as something resembling what they are, and that no one is excluded from participation by the fact that they possess views of which the majority – or a powerful minority – disapproves. But instead of that, today we have a liberal elite that gleefully bludgeons people with opposing views into silence, and then pats itself on its collective back for its enlightenment.

This will not end well.

Take our guy in the painting. He stands and says, “Well, I don’t know about this idea of letting men into ladies rooms with little girls.” And, of course, the freakshow left doesn’t address the very real problems that come with allowing grown men into restrooms with little girls. Facts merely enrage them. So there won’t be any discussion of the problem of weirdos and perverts taking advantage of this idiotic liberal nonsense that this normal guy – like any normal person – would worry about. No, instead he’ll get berated by some screaming genderfreak activist with a half-shaved head and looming daddy issues bellowing “Hate criminal!” and demanding our guy be fired from his job down at the plant for felony wrongthinking.

Then maybe whoever that loser is who replaced Jon Stewart, that pioneer of E-Z snark masquerading as comedy, will get a clip of our guy speaking and play it on his show. There’s nothing funnier than a rustic presuming to speak out as if his views matter! Then the host will make a funny face – I mean, how can anyone be so insane and stupid to think that maybe having grown men lurking around little girls as they use the potty could go wrong? – and that goofy smirk will cue the skinny-jeaned audience to go into paroxysms of laughter. Not laughter because it’s funny or clever, mind you, but laughter that demonstrates social solidarity among the kind of smug people who drink pretentious, awful craft beers and think the “P” in “IPA” stands for “pumpkin spice.”

[Read the rest]

The article, at least, actually does end well, so read it.

Another soldier in the conservative fight, Ann Coulter, goes at it from a similar vanguard. Ann has long been in battle with campus liberals and other militants, like practically all other liberals — who literally, physically block her (or try to) from writing and speaking, to the extent that it is humanly possible.

Media’s Outrage Should Start Working Any Day Now!

Reviewing the state of the presidential race, I see that very little has changed for the past year. Every few weeks, the media roll out a new Trump “scandal” that has already been thoroughly covered, day in, day out, for the last 15 months.

In fact, all of the shocking new Trump scandals were aired in the very first GOP presidential debate, where he was asked seven questions about the following charges:

(1) He is mean to women.

(2) He is mean to Mexicans.

(3) He said nice things about Obamacare. (Since dropped by the media in order to help Hillary avoid the subject.)

(4) He is corrupt.

(5) He is a bad businessman.

(6) He is not a Republican. (Also since dropped — Hillary’s losing enough Democrats to Trump without reminding them that he’s not a “real Republican.”)

(7) His “tone.”

All that’s already been priced into the Trump brand. What new results do the media expect from telling us that Trump not only insulted Rosie O’Donnell, but also insulted Hispanic Mattress Girl, Alicia Machado: baby mama to a Mexican drug lord?

The only advance in the narrative is that the octaves of journalists’ voices keep getting higher, as they repeat the exact same attacks on Trump.

Each time, the media claim victory by asserting with bland certainty that any drop in Trump’s poll numbers is because of something very upsetting to journalists, but which is generally quite popular with voters — the Mexican rapists speech, the Muslim ban, and his response to the choleric Muslim, Khizr Khan.

Read the rest

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Answer like this

Donald Trump needs to answer questions like this instead of the way he has so far. This is the Trump rally version, but his staff can tighten it up for debate purposes.: Tax Returns: (A) I will reveal my tax returns the very same day Hillary Clinton submits to the FBI and Congress the many thousands […]

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Fact Check the “Fact-Checkers” – and you’ll find lots of lies and idiots

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Hey you far-right scare-quote Americans scare-quote.

Hey “So-Called Christians!” How does this from the Washington Post read to you? The attack came as Hungarians prepare to go to the polls next Sunday to vote in a referendum on a European migrant-quota system that would compel E.U. countries to take in more asylum seekers. The government of staunchly anti-migrant Prime Minister Viktor […]

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Left-wing church politics

Are you like me? Did you have a simmering doubt about the, mmm, shall we say “earnestness” of the invitation given to Donald Trump by that Flint, Michigan church, when, after Trump started criticizing Hillary Clinton, the pastor of the church came up on stage and scolded Donald Trump for talking politics? Seemed like a weird […]

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  Here’s a quick take on three little items today: 1. First up, a poll delivered to me yesterday with an odd third option: Hard to figure why polls are always so unreliable these days, huh? Why not “Both”?  Or “A combination of five different genders”? And why not also ask “Do you even see yourself as a […]

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Deplorable health of Clinton trust, transparency; and respect for Americans

  This was already a weird election. It is the now the deplorable election. Thanks Hillary. The Trump Voters Hillary Deplores  – BY JAMES FREEMAN Wall Street Journal In a year when most Americans want change in Washington, Democrats don’t want to admit that they’ve nominated the epitome of the self-dealing status quo that disdains […]

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It’s bad when a presidential candidate doesn’t know what Aleppo is. But… whats worse: not knowing about Aleppo, or knowing all along and not acting on it? — GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) September 8, 2016 "What is Aleppo?" You think that's bad? @HillaryClinton doesn't even know what "classified" means. — Justin Amash (@justinamash) September 8, 2016  

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Newsflash to news media: Democrat Weiner is a Democrat, or (D), or DEM. Anything but ____

The most fun today is seeing how the various newspapers covered their Weiners — mostly in the case of the left-wing newspapers. The Democrats’ New York Times division, for example, has several stories on Anthony Weiner (D) today, but they never mention “Democrat” or (D) or DEM or liberal or progressive, as far as I could […]

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