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Arctic Apple Takes a Bite Out of Pseudo-Science

Mischa PopoffAfter years of research and extensive field testing, the Okanagan’s own GMO apple is going to the big leagues. Genetically-modified organisms (GMOs) are routinely attacked by urban organic activists in spite of the fact that not a single ailment has ever been linked to this technology. And now, as a testament to the baselessness of […]

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People Who Won’t Be President

Theo CaldwellWe must remember that Democrats are not like normal people. In their world, Barack Obama is a brilliant, inspiring speaker and Joe Biden should be trusted with scissors. It is within this context that someone like Hillary Clinton, a canker sore of a public figure, is considered a natural, even inevitable, leader. Notwithstanding Mrs. […]

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“Lost” Emails Should Be the End of the IRS

Theo CaldwellThere is a double indignity to being on the receiving end of a bad lie. The insult of being served with obvious dishonesty is compounded by the liar’s presumption that you are stupid enough to swallow it. Claims by the Internal Revenue Service that they’ve “lost” emails from Lois Lerner and a half-dozen other […]

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Rand Paul’s Righteous NSA Lawsuit

Theo CaldwellSenator Rand Paul (R-KY) is suing the federal government on behalf of everyone who has a mobile phone. For this, he should be thanked. Paul’s spirited opposition to the National Security Agency’s collection of Americans’ electronic communications, which his lawsuit seeks to curtail, is consistent with the ideals of individual liberty on which America […]

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Charles Krauthammer’s Defense of the ‘Victimless’ NSA

Theo CaldwellIn conservative quarters, telling Charles Krauthammer he’s wrong is like giving the Pope a noogie. As a graduate of Harvard Medical School, a board-certified psychiatrist, and a Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, Krauthammer is rightly revered as the most brilliant participant in modern political debate. Unseemly though it may be for a plebian like me […]

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Hillary Clinton as Ted Kennedy

Theo CaldwellI like to think Chappaquiddick was the reason Ted Kennedy never became president. That is, when he ran against President Jimmy Carter for the Democratic nomination in 1980, one hopes voters concluded it would be unseemly to elect a man who had driven a woman off a bridge and left her to drown while […]

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America’s Greatest Problem

Theo CaldwellIf this is your first week following the news, you could be forgiven for believing America’s biggest problem is that pylons were placed with extreme prejudice on a New Jersey bridge last September. The closing of the George Washington Bridge by members of Gov. Chris Christie’s staff, apparently as payback for the denial of […]

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Edward Snowden defends freedom better than Peter King

Theo CaldwellCongressman Peter King is not just a disgrace to the Republican Party, inasmuch as “safety first” politicians like him are a bipartisan disgrace to America. As a member of the House Homeland Security Committee and Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Counter-terrorism and Intelligence, King is a reliable and ubiquitous proponent of whatever the federal […]

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Peter the Roman

Theo Caldwell“In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations, at the term of which the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the formidable Judge will judge his people. The End.” –Saint Malachy, 1139 A.D. This cheery […]

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Kids Write Obama on Abortion

Mike AdamsI’m getting sick and tired of the Obama administration using children selectively in order to help the president advocate his public policy positions. As I sat and watched his recent press conference, I finally understood his opposition to the Iraq War. It seems he and the late President Hussein are kindred spirits who share […]

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When I Want a Progressive’s Opinion on What Guns I “Need” or “Don’t Need”…

Doug GilesMy buddy, Green Beret badass Bryan Sikes, shot a massive whitetail buck last week during our South Texas Purple Heart Adventure. He whacked said muy grande with a LaRue Tactical OBR chambered for the glorious .308 Win. round. Oh and BTW, Sikes used a high capacity magazine during this hunt. For those of you […]

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