Ann Coulter went on hater liberal Bill Maher show, rightly called him a misogynist: Kirsten Powers

Special mention this morning to liberal pundit Kirsten Powers, who bravely and boldly stands alone, among liberals anyway, to expose and denounce the blatant hypocrisy we’re witnessing from the Left this week, including that from their lamestream media division. She wrote an excellent piece at her home-base,, this morning.

Kirsten Powers

Liberal pundit Kirsten Powers bravely faces up to the hypocrisy of her own liberal brethren.

The sickening display still unfolding is the attack on Rush Limbaugh, after his having spent some of last week’s radio show hours exposing the idiocy of 30-year-old law student and left-wing feminist activist Sandra Fluke, who testified before an ever-so innocent panel of Democrats, led by far-left Democratic minority leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, also last week.

Therein, Fluke claimed, among other falsehoods, stupidity, and socialist drivel, that today’s gals in law school are forced to cough up in excess of $1,000 per year for their various birth control, so they can have their much-needed recreational sex. Fluke demanded, aside from her free condoms and birth control pills and such, to much applause from Pelosi and her cohorts, that Congress act to force all health insurance companies  —  and of course Obamacare itself —  to fund all of it, for everybody. For “free.”

Fluke has a Bachelor’s degree in “Feminist, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.”  Like I had to tell you.

I’ve said it before: so much of the Left’s motives  —  or what they might actually call “principles” underlying their policies and demands  —  revolve around the orgasm.  If this isn’t the quintessential example of just that, I don’t know what is.

The Left are filled with hate for conservatives, but especially conservative women and blacks. And even more so if the conservative women chose to have their babies rather than abort them, as in the case of Sarah Palin.  Palin has been unfairly bashed and treated like a piece of dirt by liberals more than most humans alive today. Being called a “slut” would be like a day off for her.  The degree to which she has been openly trashed and insulted by liberals on TV, in newspapers, in speeches, on radio show, and in open conversation  —  has been nearly matched by conservatives Ann Coulter (and I would know, having hosted her column on my web sites for more than nine years), Michelle Malkin, Laura Ingraham, Barbara Bachmann (to a lesser extent), but many others too.

And liberals know it full well.  Which should wake people up, and force them to own up, as Kirsten Powers did today.  But so far, there’s absolutely no sign of their willingness to do that.

I did use the correct word just before —  it’s hate. But many liberals are are total hypocrites too, as we’ve seen this week.  Actually, hypocrites is too gentle a term. Liars is the more accurate term here.  Hate-filled liars.

So good on Kirsten Powers for standing up against her own brethren, and alas, I will now await the requisite trashing of her  —  by her own. Just as liberal Juan Williams and nearly every black conservative has endured.

Here’s a very short excerpt of Power’s column:

Rush Limbaugh Isn’t the Only Media Misogynist

… Liberals—you know, the people who say they “fight for women”—comprise Maher’s audience, and a parade of high-profile liberals make up his guest list. Yet have any of them confronted him? Nope. That was left to Ann Coulter, who actually called Maher a misogynist to his face, an opportunity that feminist icon Gloria Steinem failed to take when she appeared on his show in 2011. …

… Keith Olbermann has said that conservative commentator S.E. Cupp should have been aborted by her parents, apparently because he finds her having opinions offensive. He called Michelle Malkin a “mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick.” He found it newsworthy to discuss Carrie Prejean’s breasts on his MSNBC show. His solution for dealing with Hillary Clinton, who he thought should drop out of the presidential race, was to find “somebody who can take her into a room and only he comes out.” Olbermann now works for über-leftist and former Democratic vice president Al Gore at Current TV. …

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3 Responses to Ann Coulter went on hater liberal Bill Maher show, rightly called him a misogynist: Kirsten Powers

  1. Bell
    Bell Wednesday March 7, 2012 at 4:53 pm at 4:53 PM #

    The Limbaugh thing is just a distraction.  This Sandra Fluke ordeal has exposed liberals and Democrats on a couple of levels. Their hypocrisy; and also their ultimate objective to grow the degree to which government controls companies through their regulations, and thus control our lives. Among other things. And if they want to run a campaign based on their quest for “free” government-mandated contraception, so folks can have more recreational sex… wow.  I mean if that’s their big campaign platform, bring it on.

    • Joel Johannesen
      Joel Johannesen Wednesday March 7, 2012 at 6:26 pm at 6:26 PM #

      Excellent summary, Bell. Say more things like this.

  2. donnaH Friday March 9, 2012 at 8:31 pm at 8:31 PM #

    I’ve always enjoy KP; don’t always agree with her but she is spot on this time. Excellent article.