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Is America an Idiocracy?

Ashley HerzogIn 1951, Ray Bradbury published Fahrenheit 451, a futuristic novel in which books are burned, and the citizenry occupies itself by watching hours of TV on wall-to-wall sets. Contrary to popular belief, Bradbury says Fahrenheit 451 wasn’t about censorship or McCarthyism. It was about how TV undermines interest in reading and learning. In 2006, […]

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Ashley Herzog

Girls With Guns

Ashley HerzogIn my last column, “Good Guys With Guns,” I wrote about the Mayan 14 incident, in which a shooter was halted by an off-duty cop. I referred to the cop as a “good guy,” and my readers were quick to issue a correction: the good guy was actually a girl. Lisa Castellano shot the […]

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Good Guys With Guns

Ashley HerzogThe only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. That statement, from NRA president Wayne LaPierre, was immediately turned into a laugh line by the press, deemed everything from “deadly spin” to “delusional” to “paranoid.” The New York Daily News proclaimed that anti-gun cranks—oops, I […]

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Barbara Boxer’s Abortion Lie

Ashley Herzog“How much time should she do?” That question was posed by Newsweek columnist Anna Quindlen back in 2007. “She” is a woman who aborts a pregnancy; the “time” is the number of years she should spend behind bars for it. Quindlen’s question suggested that women were regularly imprisoned for having abortions prior to Roe […]

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The Feminist War on Common Sense

Ashley HerzogApril is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. On college campuses, it usually culminates in a Take Back the Night march, an event promoting the idea that women should be free to go out alone at night without fear. “Historically, women faced the anxiety of walking alone and that is why Take Back the Night began,” […]

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CPAC is for Lovers

Ashley HerzogThere’s nothing liberals love more than stalking conservatives with video cameras in the hopes of catching them saying something offensive. There are hundreds of YouTube videos dedicated to exposing “teabigots” and under-educated Republican voters. Therefore, it’s surprising that virtually no liberal blogs have posted a video from last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference. In […]

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Rewriting History on Abortion

Ashley HerzogYesterday marked the opening of the Susan B. Anthony museum in Rochester, New York—and instead of celebrating, a lot of feminists are miffed. The museum was purchased by a member of Feminists Choosing Life of New York, and pro-choice groups are accusing her of “hijacking Susan.” Apparently, they want the famous suffragist’s views on […]

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Zero Tolerance Makes Zero Sense

Ashley HerzogLast Monday, at the request of her principal, 12-year-old Alexa Gonzalez was arrested and marched out of her middle school in handcuffs. She spent several hours in police custody, where she says she “started crying, like, a lot…I just thought I’d get a detention.” Her crime? Writing “I love my friends Abby and Faith” […]

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Martha Coakley, Witch Hunter Attorney General

Ashley HerzogMartha Coakley is a crank. If this were the year 1692 in Massachusetts, the Democrat Senate candidate would fit in perfectly with Puritan hysterics accusing innocent women of witchcraft. After all, she built her career by putting innocent people in jail—based on charges about as credible as those levied in the Salem witch trials. […]

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The bigotry of low expectations in D.C.

Ashley HerzogDemocrats’ favorite method of shutting down debate is to accuse Republicans of secretly promoting racist agendas. Opposing socialized medicine is racist, stopping illegal immigration is racist, and—if you listen to liberal bloggers who wrote endless gasbag analyses of the incident—Rep. Joe Wilson yelling “You lie!” during President Obama’s speech on health care was racist. […]

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Illegals Are Not “Dying in the Street”

Ashley HerzogThe latest holier-than-thou liberal trope is to claim that illegal immigrants will be “left to die” if our government doesn’t pay for their health care. A post at said that if illegals are excluded from a public health insurance plan, they’ll be left to “die on the street.” (Google “die on the street” […]

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Che Day

Ashley HerzogOn the eve of the French Revolution, the aristocrats inhabiting the palace of Versailles enjoyed, “as an ironic lark, sporting the clothing of the working classes,” according to writer Charles Stenson. These pampered elites were undisturbed by the fact that their peasant getups mocked the real peasants, many of whom were dying as a […]

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