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Answer like this

Joel Johannesen Donald Trump needs to answer questions like this instead of the way he has so far. This is the Trump rally version, but his staff can tighten it up for debate purposes.: Tax Returns: (A) I will reveal my tax returns the very same day Hillary Clinton submits to the FBI and Congress the […]

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Fact Check the “Fact-Checkers” – and you’ll find lots of lies and idiots

Joel Johannesen So it’s all about the facts and the fact-checking, huh Dems? I have learned to expect utterly nothing honest or reliable or anything of integrity from Democrats like, say, Michael Moore or Senator Harry Reid; or from former Democratic Governor, Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Howard […]

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Hey you far-right scare-quote Americans scare-quote.

Joel Johannesen Hey “So-Called Christians!” How does this from the Washington Post read to you? The attack came as Hungarians prepare to go to the polls next Sunday to vote in a referendum on a European migrant-quota system that would compel E.U. countries to take in more asylum seekers. The government of staunchly anti-migrant Prime […]

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Hilarry Clinton yelling at hearing.

Flashback to Hillary on Barack Obama being a Muslim: he’s not “as far as I know.”

Joel Johannesen MSNBC’s Chris Matthews had a chat on his Hardball show about Hillary Clinton and her take on Barack Obama being a Muslim way back on March 4, 2008. Below are some highlights from their transcript (which I think I’ll screencapture just in case Hillary gets her Bleachbit on it). I notice that there […]

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Left-wing church politics

Joel Johannesen Are you like me? Did you have a simmering doubt about the, mmm, shall we say “earnestness” of the invitation given to Donald Trump by that Flint, Michigan church, when, after Trump started criticizing Hillary Clinton, the pastor of the church came up on stage and scolded Donald Trump for talking politics? Seemed like […]

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Joel Johannesen   Here’s a quick take on three little items today: 1. First up, a poll delivered to me yesterday with an odd third option: Hard to figure why polls are always so unreliable these days, huh? Why not “Both”?  Or “A combination of five different genders”? And why not also ask “Do you even see yourself […]

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Deplorable health of Clinton trust, transparency; and respect for Americans

Joel Johannesen   This was already a weird election. It is the now the deplorable election. Thanks Hillary. The Trump Voters Hillary Deplores  – BY JAMES FREEMAN Wall Street Journal In a year when most Americans want change in Washington, Democrats don’t want to admit that they’ve nominated the epitome of the self-dealing status quo […]

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Conservative from another land, which also isn’t racist, also says sensible things

Joel Johannesen Funny how so many liberals in the U.S. are saying they’re going to move to Canada if Trump wins. Aside from Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, who have said nearly identical things on immigration over the years, and aside from just about every sensible person in North America, Australia, or Europe, a leadership […]

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Joel Johannesen It’s bad when a presidential candidate doesn’t know what Aleppo is. But… whats worse: not knowing about Aleppo, or knowing all along and not acting on it? — GregGutfeld (@greggutfeld) September 8, 2016 "What is Aleppo?" You think that's bad? @HillaryClinton doesn't even know what "classified" means. — Justin Amash (@justinamash) September 8, 2016 […]

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Newsflash to news media: Democrat Weiner is a Democrat, or (D), or DEM. Anything but ____

Joel Johannesen The most fun today is seeing how the various newspapers covered their Weiners — mostly in the case of the left-wing newspapers. The Democrats’ New York Times division, for example, has several stories on Anthony Weiner (D) today, but they never mention “Democrat” or (D) or DEM or liberal or progressive, as far as […]

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