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BREAKING: Ohio mass shooter…. oh nevermind….

Joel Johannesen Have you ever seen huge news story disappear so fast? Nothing in recent memory has vanished quite as quickly as the story of a “another” “mass shooter” at a university campus. CNN spent two weeks with 148 expert panelists discussing how Donald Trump said something mean to an overweight beauty pageant winner. But […]

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Get ready for 4 to 8 years of picayune media. Today: sneers at “Make America Great Again” Christmas ornament

Joel Johannesen Let me start by saying I want one! You can get them for me here: For the “holiday” season (Christmas to the rest of us), the sneering liberal media (NBC station KING5 in Seattle in this case but they’re all doing it) is gathering all their impotent rage and slamming the Trump Christmas […]

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DNC now seems to admit Hillary Clinton wasn’t “the change candidate.” Or even a good one.

Joel Johannesen Everybody had to laugh when during the campaign Bill Clinton tried to | pass Hillary off as a “change candidate.” This is a change election. The question is what kind of change do we want? She’s the best darn change-maker I ever met in my life The Democratic Party seems to beg to differ. And […]

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A lot more Canadians leaving for U.S.A. than the other way around

Joel Johannesen For all the breathless talk from the liberal media of liberal Americans leaving the U.S. for Canada in the wake of Trump’s election (as if it’s a new concept which isn’t heard during and after every election), as usual, the opposite is actually the truth. Any year. Every year. The truth is that […]

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Conservative Snippets for November 4 2016

Joel Johannesen Went through some articles about conservatism in my quest to get ready for the “NewRepublicanParty,” which will begin post-election, and clearly way post-large-hangover. Thought I’d share my bounty with you. Let me start with this amazing read from the Heritage Foundation: A Blueprint For Reform (PDF file), a read which I’ve only just […]

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Washington Post/Campaign to Elect Hillary Clinton “News” Paper

Joel Johannesen The Washington Post seems to be trying to give the New York Times a run for its money in a concerted effort to elect Hillary Clinton — and spread their utter disdain for Donald Trump (…while also continuing to advance their liberal-left agenda daily). So I marked-up today’s edition to show you just […]

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Holy inventory, David Limbaugh

Joel Johannesen This fight between Americans in an increasingly divided America (and people in other countries too) about who’s worse: Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump — I’ve never experienced anything like it. I normally like a good battle between good candidates. This battle is not that. They’re both terrible candidates in their own ways, and […]

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War news: Schlichter and Coulter battle for the defence of non-leftist voices, and America’s inherent freedom

Joel Johannesen I’ve been around politics long en… oh never mind. Even seventh-graders know what happens at election time — I mean what really happens — in spite of their left-wing public school teachers. What happens is the liberals’ many left-wing forces (I’m going to have to start putting quotes around “liberal”) all align with left-wing candidates […]

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Fact Check the “Fact-Checkers” – and you’ll find lots of lies and idiots

Joel Johannesen So it’s all about the facts and the fact-checking, huh Dems? I have learned to expect utterly nothing honest or reliable or anything of integrity from Democrats like, say, Michael Moore or Senator Harry Reid; or from former Democratic Governor, Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, Howard […]

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Hey you far-right scare-quote Americans scare-quote.

Joel Johannesen Hey “So-Called Christians!” How does this from the Washington Post read to you? The attack came as Hungarians prepare to go to the polls next Sunday to vote in a referendum on a European migrant-quota system that would compel E.U. countries to take in more asylum seekers. The government of staunchly anti-migrant Prime […]

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