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Carbon Tax is Pointless and Inflationary

Steven MilloyClimate alarmists hope that Hurricane Sandy and President Obama’s re-election will coerce panicky congressional Republicans into a “carbon tax” deal in 2013. But simple math shows the tax would have no effect other than an inflationary one. A carbon tax would operate as a new sales tax on goods and services that are produced […]

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Did Obama’s EPA relaunch Tuskegee experiments?

Steven MilloyWhich do you find more shocking: that the Environmental Protection Agency conducts experiments on humans that its own risk assessments would deem potentially lethal, or that it hides the results of those experiments from Congress and the public because they debunk those very same risk assessments? recently obtained through the Freedom of Information […]

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Climategate 2.0: Shocker — 2007 NRC review of hockey stick rigged by alarmists

Steven MilloyNote to alarmists: Keep Michael Mann away from sending e-mail. From the Climategatew 2.0 collection, Keith Briffa wonders out loud to Michael Mann whether he should participate in the 2007 National Research Council (often mistakenly referred to as the National Academy of Sciences) review of the hokey stick. Mann encourages Briffa, but tells him […]

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EPA chief’s toxic emissions

Steven MilloyIt is time for Lisa P. Jackson to resign. Last Friday at Howard University, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) railed against the coal industry, saying, “In [the coal industry's] entire history – 50, 60, 70 years or even 30 – they never found the time or the reason to clean up […]

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Air-pollution scare debunked

Steven MilloyBy Steve Milloy and Dr. John Dale Dunn What if today’s levels of air pollution didn’t kill anybody? That certainly would be bad news for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has spent the past 15 years stubbornly defending its extraordinarily expensive and ever-tightening air-quality regulations. The EPA claims airborne fine particulate matter […]

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DDT causes diabetes, breast cancer and infant deaths?

Steven MilloyIs it time to bring back’s DDTees? Today’s New York Times article “As an Insecticide Makes a Comeback, Uganda Must Weigh Its Costs” states: But the United States banned the use of DDT in 1972 over the chemical’s hazardous environmental impact. Studies have also linked DDT to diabetes and breast cancer. One examination […]

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Organic Valley identified as secret funder of ‘FrogTV’ pesticide scare campaign

Steven MilloyIs American agriculture facing yet another major attack on food safety similar to the 1989 Alar scare? At, we take notice when certain tactics by activists and unscrupulous marketing interests repeat themselves. That is certainly the case right now vis-à-vis conventional crop protection products used by farmers and growing online advocacy and marketing […]

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Detailing the greenwashed Chevy Volt

Steven MilloyThe Chevy Volt gives the phrase “pay to pollute” a whole new meaning. General Motors pitches the pricey Chevy Volt as a means of reducing carbon emissions. The Volt web page states: Electricity – a more sensible primary fuel Put simply, electricity is a cleaner source of power. And as technology improves in the […]

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AMA quacks on climate

Steven MilloyThe American Medical Association claimed in an April 4 editorial that, “The shift in the planet’s climate is affecting the health of patients — and physicians are starting to see the results.” So let’s see how the AMA backs up that assertion. The AMA says that Florida is an “apt setting” for observing the […]

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Cruisin’ with The Nation: Why red isn’t the new green

Steven MilloyYou can’t imagine the thunderous LOL that emanated from my office last Saturday when I opened my copy of the April 11th issue of The Nation. Yes, you read that right — The Nation, that long-time voice of American comrade-ism. Casually flipping through the pages looking for some environment-related screed with which to have […]

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Clean energy’s junk economics

Steven MilloyThe oxymoron-ish nature of a left-wing “think tank” is on display in the Center for American Progress’ latest pitch for a so-called “clean energy standard” (CES). In a new white paper, CAP says that clean energy opponents (like us), “…have built a fear campaign about the impacts of these investments, arguing that the costs […]

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Mercury is NOT TOXIC to anyone…

Steven Milloy… at ambient exposure levels in the U.S. Yesterday, the U.S. Environmental over-Protection Agency proposed “the first-ever national standards for mercury, arsenic and other toxic air pollution from power plants.” The EPA stated, Toxic air pollutants like mercury from coal- and oil-fired power plants have been shown to cause neurological damage, including lower IQ, […]

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