“Conservative” gov gives Toyota 10s of millions — to maintain massive profits & competitive edge?

Why is the government  —  any government but particularly a “Conservative” government  —  giving our taxpayer cash or what they’re calling “financial  assistance” to a massive, privately-owned car company that sells billions of dollars worth of cars every year and is massively profitable on its own and is at the cutting edge of technology and competitiveness in the global market?

“This investment will help Toyota maintain its competitive edge in the global market”
— a Liberal Ontario government spokesman as quoted in the 100% state-owned media, the taxpayer-funded CBC.

In fairness to the “Conservatives,” that federal government is being joined by the left-wing Liberal Ontario provincial government in this corporate welfare malfeasance.

All of the abject progressive-rooted BS aside, as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t even care if the company was the opposite of competitive, and if it weren’t massively successful and doing just fine on its own; if it was on the precipice of collapse due to a shoddy business plan, a crap product, and lousy management, a greedy workforce, a mammoth failure to foresee trends, bad science, a poor economy, or for any other such reason.  They still shouldn’t get government/taxpayer welfare or gifts.

It’s ridiculous. It’s abjectly unfair.  It’s anti-capitalist.  Anti free-market. Anti-freedom. Government meddling. Government central planning, Soviet Union-style.  Betting  —  “investing”  —  our taxpayer cash on business ventures the government deems to make on our behalf, because apparently we’re too stupid to do so on our own, and of our own free will.  Even though the company floats shares on stock markets and exchanges accessible around the world by all citizens and all businesses and private and commercial investors to ensure a steady stream of easily accessible private financing on its own merits.

This ensures the broadening scope of exactly this by increasingly progressive government.  Ensuring more of it will follow in turn.  And so on, and so on.  It’s the very definition of “progressive.”

Usually they (the progressives in government, and in their media) simply call these things “investments,”  as they did in the quote above, in their ongoing effort to fake us out as the dupes they think we are and they take us for.  Today I notice they’re also calling it a “financial contribution.”  Perhaps that’s because they aren’t actually getting shares in the company for their (our) “investment.”  It appears to be just a gift.  From you.  How nice of you.  Hope you can afford it, sucka.  But whatever it is, it’s certainly an abomination.

The government financing represents the first major financial contribution they have made to an auto maker since they spent about $13-billion to help bail out Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp. during the recession that led to the auto industry crisis in 2008-09.
— An article in liberalvision CTV news network’s web site

Hideous.  Progressivism run amok.

The last car my wife and I bought was a Ford, built in America.  We did that partially because (A) we wouldn’t buy a car made by the far-left Canadian Auto Workers union after their leadership blamed “right wingers” for the recession, and I also believe they are led by folks who appear to me to be nothing better than communists;  and (B) we wouldn’t buy a GM or Chrysler vehicle after they accepted their state buyout or welfare, as though they were poor handicapped children who were starving, instead of being a huge company replete with executives and staff who are all making far, far more than me, with health and pension and other benefit plans that are literally insane.

Now I won’t be buying a Toyota either.

Soon, though, at this rate, most every company will be either state-owned or partially or even completely reliant upon the state for its very existence, much as a rapidly growing number of citizens are today.

Unless we act to stop them from this socialist/fascist lunacy, we’re screwed.

Take that to the bank.

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