John Edwards, politician, had absolutely no political affiliation!: Canadian news media

If John Edwards were a Republican, then after reading the latest news, you’d think someone named “Mr. Republican Party” or “Mr. Conservative” was caught up in a filthy, sordid scandal.  But John Edwards is a liberal, and a Democrat.  So when we read about the latest revelations about his God-awful philandering and image extramarital baby-making during his presidential campaign while his wife was fighting her cancer battle, we only see the words “John Edwards”.  No party affiliation.  No political leanings whatsoever.  Even though he is a politician.  And it is only being written-up in the media because of that, and because he was a presidential candidate.

• The far-left Toronto Star, one of the most left-wing papers in North American, writes a long article today and fails to mention the word Democrat or liberal or progressive even once in the entire story of the despicable POLITICIAN, John Edwards (DEMOCRAT).  This is an incredible editorial achievement in misleading readers by an omission of facts, which I suspect they do on purpose because you have to actually apply an effort to not mention his political affiliation. 

• Even the normally mute-on-affiliation-when-it-comes-to-leftists (unless they’re helping them advance their political agenda), the far-left state-owned socialism-reliant CBC, mentions DEMOCRAT (just once).  Of course they used a Canadian Press article — not one they wrote themselves, which might explain that.

• The liberal-loving Globe and Mail also fails to use the word Democrat even once, in their AP article.

• The liberal-loving article, using a remixed version of the same AP article that the G&M used (well one of them remixed it), fails to mention DEMOCRAT even once. 

• The liberalvision channel, CTV, in its online account of the story, uses the same AP article used by others, and it fails to mention DEMOCRAT even once.  An amazing editorial effort.

• The plain liberal Vancouver Sun (and its sister the National Post and presumably all the other Canwest papers) use a Canwest-written article which mentions DEMOCRAT three times, which is approximately eight fewer than Republican would be mentioned if he were thus.

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