Obama and the Dems bank on the idioterati, then write checks on their account. And their kids’ accounts.

Obama, just today, was on the campaign trail. Never mind that you thought the campaign was over. I’ve told you before: Obama can’t do anything a president is elected to do  —  he can’t reach across the aisle, can’t inspire positive action, can’t negotiate, can’t bring disparate sides together, can’t make deals, can’t unite Americans as a whole; in a word he can’t lead, whatsoever. He can only campaign. Campaigning is the only thing Obama has ever been successful at.

So we shouldn’t be surprised that instead of being in Washington working hard to “community organize” that community, and hammering out a deal, and getting both parties together to fix his terrible economy, he hit the campaign trail and proceeded to spew more partisan politics and more of his specious claims.

It’s pure, crass, partisan politics. And nothing more.

Obama on campaign trail, post-election (with his teleprompter industrial complex of course)

Obama on campaign trail, post-election (with his teleprompter industrial complex of course).

Republicans, he risibly claimed today (and I quote directly), want to “hold the middle class hostage just because they don’t want tax rates for ‘the rich’ to go up.”

Well now that’s just a lie, isn’t it Mr. Obama?

Republicans don’t want tax rates to go up on “the rich” or anybody  —  anybody  —  because (a) it’s terrible policy for America, since raising taxes on “the rich” means those very people who hire other people and create jobs will do less of that, at the very time we need more of that; (b) it’s occurring at the very time in his terrible economy when raising taxes on anybody, as even he acknowledges, is exactly the wrong thing to do for a variety of other good reasons; and (c) because raising tax rates on “the rich” will not help lower the deficit or debt one iota. It would only pay for government for about eight days. And because (d) raising taxes does not necessarily raise revenue anyway  —  in fact when rates are cut, revenue has historically shown to actually rise, not fall.

So Mr. Obama yeah, it’s actually “just” those reasons, and even more.

Obama hung all this on the mantel of a “balanced approach.” Which he also said again today. “Americans voted for balance,” he crowed. OK, where’s the other end of this balanced picture then? Well apparently it’s found only in a vague promise that sometime next year, he’ll magically manage to deploy his awesome “community organizer” skills and get the parties together, and get them to agree on a whole bunch of historically massive spending cuts… after first raising spending some more, and putting up some more “stimulus” cash.

What an insult to intelligent people.

Republicans have already said, as a result of losing the presidential election, that they’d be willing to put the $800 BILLION Obama asked for in the campaign in extra revenue on the table. But as all smart people know, and even Obama knows, the real problem with the economy isn’t that tax rates are too low, it’s that growing government spending is now completely out of control. Fixing that is really the only thing that will fix the economy, near term and long term. Obama only promises more spending and more “stimulus.”

But it’s no wonder Obama finds his snake oil to be such an easy sell out there on the old campaign trail. The top 1% of income earners pay 40% of all the income taxes in America. The top 10% pay 70% of all the taxes. The bottom 46% of America’s income earners pay exactly no federal income taxes at all. Why do you think so many people are A-OK with raising federal income taxes on “the rich,” and expanding federal government services and increasing entitlements for themselves, and giving themselves more “free” stuff “from the government,” when it’s everybody except them who will pay for it?

Using someone else’s money to pay for government services and entitlements is always going to get an approving nod from the idioterati. And that’s what Obama and Democrats and liberals and socialists  —  progressives writ large  —  bank on.

But of course it’s pure economic stupidity. It’s logical fallacy on its face. The scientifically and historically proven problem (see Europe) with this idiotic idea is that soon, you run up government spending on social programs and entitlements and deficits and debt so much, and tax the successful, upper income earners so much, that you run out of other people’s money. Then what? Well we’ve already seen the start of that in Obama’s America. First Obama campaigned  in 2012 on getting an extra $800 BILLION in extra revenue from “the rich.” But now that he’s won the election, he’s already demanding $1.6 TRILLION instead. Then it’s like this: suddenly “the rich” is anyone making over $150,000 rather than the original $250,000. Then it’s $50,000. Then it’s everybody. And then it’s no spending cuts whatsoever, but rather even more “free” government entitlements and programs, and more of that infamous “stimulus.”

That’s “just” why Republicans don’t want to cave on their principled stand. They want to address the real problem right now. Spending. And tax reform. For everybody. Not give up their only bargaining chip on some lame promise of talks over tea and biscuits, next year sometime.

And by the way, remember when what we’re all trying to uphold now for at least the middle class, those Bush tax cuts, were what Democrats were so against back when they were introduced  —  which they constantly and derisively called “the Bush tax cuts for the rich”  —  setting up that class war and pretending that they weren’t actually across-the-board tax cuts? We used to always have to point out how liberals and Democrats were flat-out lying, and that the Bush tax cuts were actually tax cuts for everybody  — not just “the rich.” Now, suddenly, Obama and the leftists all acknowledge the importance of those once phantom middle-class Bush tax cuts, and use all of their political might to protect them and even wield them as an all-important weapon to save the economy! What shear hypocrisy and utter dishonesty. And really, how embarrassing for them, you’d think.

Obama has got it all backward. If he really honestly wanted to set America free and get America moving again instead of just scoring political points, he should agree to keep the tax rates  —  the Bush tax cuts  —  in place for all Americans, not just the middle class, right now. And immediately address the real problems  —  spending and tax reform. That will effectively end the “fiscal cliff” problem and set America on the right course again.

Then “next year” sometime, on his own time, he can go ahead and invest some of his political capital and try to raise taxes only on “the rich,” as he seems so bent on doing, for nothing more than his own political reasons. Go into the mid-term elections with that promise, and with no promised spending cuts having been accomplished. Good luck with that.

Obama is the only one who is prepared to hold America hostage, and it’s for pure, crass, nonsensical left-wing political reasons.


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    Government focus should be the economy.

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