Opposition should deploy the sticks and stones

House of Commons update:  still useless.

The children in the Opposition benches are getting cranky in Question Period today.  Maybe they’re all nervous about the upcoming vote on the Conservatives’ immigration bill (C-50), what with the Liberals in total disarray over it, once again looking high and low for their principles, which they can’t find ANYwhere. There it is!—under Iggy’s chair—oh sorry, that’s a special interest group… 

First the Liberal Frenchman, Stephane (“the Green Guru”) Dion rose to defend his tax-raising plans and the Conservative ad campaign against them:

“We’ll see how much the attack ads are misleading and are a lie!”

The Speaker rose to admonish the Liberal Frenchmen.  “…It’s unnecessary to use this kind of language in the house…”

It’s also unnecessary to become completely unhinged and yell and scream and burst a blood vessel for the cameras.  But anyway.

When it was the you’ve got to be kidding party’s leader’s turn to seethe for the cameras, Layton emitted, with the kind of feigned outrage and vigor the likes of which I haven’t heard since Dion,

”…They don’t GIVE a damn!…”

The Speaker rose to admonish the socialist.  “I don’t think it’s necessary to use words like that….”

I don’t think it’s necessary for the socialist to say anything.  Ever. 


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