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Hillary’s message likely will be unheeded

The news from Egypt that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on visiting Alexandria recently, was greeted by a crowd chanting “Monica” while throwing tomatoes and shoes at her motorcade did not come as a surprise. There is nothing outrageous, atrocious, vulgar and violent done on a regular basis in the name of Islam across the […]

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Egypt’s choice — the bad and the ugly

The spring revolution in Egypt driving Hosni Mubarak from the presidential palace in Cairo appeared as high drama, and experts gathered in television studios in capitals of the West minutely examined the plots and subplots of this drama in the manner of some sporting event. As crowd swelled in Tahrir Square in Cairo, a lot […]

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Memories of Iran

What is so particularly unnerving about the coverage of the Egyptian uprising is how eerily similar it is to the media’s reporting on the Shah of Iran’s fall from power. We were told then by our liberal masters that Shia Islam was gentler than the Sunni branch, that the mujahadeen were progressive and enlightened, how […]

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Egypt is bruised, but not broken

History lessons are useful, and when events are in flux it is the past that can shed light on what the future might hold. Autocracies, as I have indicated in recent columns, have shelf life. But there are caveats in any generalization, and the shelf life of any particular autocracy could get extended beyond its […]

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