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Guns: bizarre anti-gun illogic from low or no-knowledge Canadians

A story in Toronto’s Globe & Mail about a gunman firing a couple of random shots into the street in Vancouver, last night, inspired some of the usual, reflexive crazy-talk from anti-gun zealots — the likes of which I’ve become accustomed from the progressive left. “…Is this another case of an NRA hand gun being […]

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Shocking admission of Obama lies from surprising source: columnist at Canadian state-owned CBC

Cross-posted at and Since I regularly and properly slam the left-wing mainstream media in North America for the abject bias they display against all things even remotely conservative, I’ll take this extremely rare opportunity to point out one ounce of truthful reporting I found this morning. Not only is the topic of the […]

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CBC's so-called war on terror

So-called “honor killings” contrast with “so-called” war on terror.

The quadruple family murder trial of that evil immigrant Muslim threesome Mohammad Shafia and his son and wife, has just concluded today in Canada with a jury’s guilty verdict. Those three killed four of their own family members  —  three of the four being teens and one being a polygamous wife of Mohammad, in what […]

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From a fan of Canada’s state-owned, far-left CBC’s media site: sadness over Kim Jong Il death

This is not necessarily typical of the comments there today  —  I mean it might be, I’m just not sure.  I just can’t stomach spending that much time at that far-left web site (in Canada  — not North Korea!) anymore these days, to check it out more thoroughly.  But there’s more than enough of them […]

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New show on cable news: Michael Coren’s ‘The Arena’: Enter at your own peril

Editor’s note: This article refers to Sun News Network, which is owned by Quebecor Media Inc.  It’s a new cable news channel in Canada which tolerates and even welcomes conservatives and their viewpoints, and challenges liberal-left group-think, their politics and culture, and their media.   On Tuesday, my TV show debuts on Sun News. The […]

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Pie-throwing: violence or hilarity? Apparently it depends who it’s against. Part 2.

Part Two See Part One here You think the Rupert Murdoch/News of the World story is about corruption in media and government?  You know nothing.  In Canada, the state actually owns and legally protects and then funds a media behemoth which not only reports news, including political news, does its own news-y polls, and so […]

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What’s wrong with canning the state-owned media on ideological grounds?

A long-time reader, Matt, sent me a link to a web page set up by the state-owned, state-run regulator of what we’re allowed to watch on TV and what we’re allowed to listen to on the radio, and in what proportion of French and English and what proportion of “Canadian” (?) and “foreign” (meaning American), […]

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State-owned CBC anchor dubs Michele Bachmann a whack job, who has “outwhackied” Sarah Palin

…But at least the state-owned, taxpayer-funded, socialism-reliant CBC is maintaining its “objective” and “non-judgmental” and “honest broker” status as an “unbiased” news reporting network which just reports the “facts”, unblemished by any anti-conservative opinions or political spin! Ha ha.  Just kidding.  It’s Tuesday! ANd this is Canada and its socialism-reliant state-owned media at work. According […]

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AMAZING: State-owned CBC admits Weiner is a Dem; then giggle thru report

I actually saved the report in my video files for historic purposes. Here’s a screen capture. Call me cynical, but in covering the fully exposed Weiner story and exposing even his political alliance (Democrat!) I have a feeling that now that the Conservatives have earned a majority, the state-owned, state-funded, socialism-reliant CBC is covering its […]

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Meet the state-owned CBC’s very own Goomba: Neil Macdonald

It’s instructive to follow the liberal-left mainstream media and how they hit a political obstacle and reflexively, apparently without even thinking or reading what they’ve written in the past, reconfigure their political minds and do this weird, archaic, about-face  —  to defend the accused, when the accused is something like one of their own, politically.  […]

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Reading my Communist Party newspaper: includes big ads from Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Fed and CUPE-Toronto

Fun reading.  And watching.  And pondering.  See, I’m reading my latest copy of the People’s Voice, which is the newspaper of the Communist Party of Canada, which was delivered this morning via the state-owned, state-run Canada Post, whose workers are set to go on strike to gain compensation for the inevitable ongoing modernization of message […]

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Yeah, no, we’re going to go ahead and grow up again. Twitter THAT, media.

One of the many upsides of the election aside from the Conservatives winning a majority and the Liberals and its many smug MPs losing their seats (hi —  or bye  —  Mark Holland and so, so many others!), is that I can stop gawking at Twitter like a teen-aged zombie and tweeting inane tweets all […]

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Day after Harper interview: state-owned CBC features IGNATIEFF’s days-old interview on website?

UPDATE!  The CBC has now changed their front page to feature the Harper interview.  (–moments ago)   The state-owned and taxpayer-funded CBC makes a huge deal out of the interviews their network news anchor Peter Mansbridge always holds with all the party leaders at every election.  “Exclusive interview with…” they blast all over their web […]

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