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The Insane Stream Media Hates Gracious Christianity and Loves Violent Islam

Man, don’t cha love how the Insane Stream Media and their soft-brain disciples make Christians out to be fish-stickered, bug-eyed equals to incensed Islam? If you were to accept what the White House, some atheists and prattling gay activists say about Christians as true, you’d think the Church is chomping at the bit to chop […]

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Ratio Christi

In one week, it starts all over again. Thousands of young people will enroll in classes in the sixteen-campus University of North Carolina system. Before the first day of class is over, the professors and administrators will begin the assault on students and their Judeo-Christian values. Parents will have spent their entire lives saving money […]

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The modern heretic

The world has changed a great deal. The divisions are now less about right and left than about freedom and oppression. Do you support the right to believe, speak, even offend, or do you want society to be strictly controlled? We see things particularly strongly when it comes to the increasingly harsh attacks on Christianity, […]

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The One Thousand Pound Bible

Dear Mike: It was good seeing you the other day at lunch. I meant to share a story with you but the room was too crowded and the story is too long. So I write to you today sharing something that will surely lift your spirits just the way you lifted mine when I first […]

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Machine Gun Preacher

Finally … a major motion picture with a solid Christian premise that’s not repellently corny and doesn’t star Christendom’s ubiquitous default leading man, Kirk Cameron (who sports the acting range of a Red Ryder BB gun). Machine Gun Preacher tells the story of biker bad boy Sam Childers (played by 300’s Gerard Butler) who collides […]

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The Separation of Gay Church and State

I’d like to say that it ‘isn’t easy being me.” But actually it is. The campus left keeps handing me more material to write about in my weekly column. The endless supply of column-worthy madness is fueled by the endless degree of hypocrisy in the name of campus diversity. That isn’t surprising because our campus […]

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Understanding 9/11 a decade later

As the 10th anniversary of 9/11 approaches, the public will be inundated with analyses of the past decade, mostly fault-finding and finger-pointing, that has become the signature of the mainstream media. What will be missing is historical context. No one provides this better than Bernard Lewis. In his 90s, Lewis is by all accounts the […]

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“Dyspepsia and American Atheism” — made columnist Mike Adams break wind.

Every now and then there is a lawsuit that really defines the desperation of a failing social movement. The recent decision of one of America’s most intolerant religious organizations, American Atheists, provides a prime example. This group of anti-Christian zealots has filed a lawsuit they will surely lose. But they will suffer an even more […]

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I Will Pray For You

This month, I intended to take a rest from writing so I could just enjoy my time out in Colorado. In fact, aside from hunting and learning a few songs on my guitar (yes, I’m having a midlife crisis) I did not plan to do a thing in July. But the liberals keep doing stupid […]

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Marginalization of Christians continues in Canada

This isn’t China, North Korea, Iran, or Egypt. Christians are not beaten up, raped, killed, forcibly converted and exiled. I won’t even say “not yet” because that would smell of drama. But persecution and marginalization come in all sorts of shapes and flavours. Just consider, in one week, how the state and corporations treated serious […]

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Rush to judge my book

My new book was published last Tuesday. I knew the title Why Catholics Are Right (McClelland & Stewart) would be provocative, but I did not realize just how intolerant our allegedly pluralistic, multicultural, liberal society had become. Jim from Calgary sent me this e-mail even before the publication date: “To claim that your religion is […]

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Fostering discrimination

Eunice and Owen Johns, 62 and 65, have just been ruled by the highest British court to be unsuitable as foster parents. They’re renowned as wonderful people, they do extraordinary outreach in their own English midlands black community, and they have successfully cared for 15 children in the past. But something vile hides in their […]

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