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War on Christmas: Fanatics trying to take a peace out of this celebration

I have friends who are conscientious objectors in the war on Christmas. They don’t celebrate the birth of Christ, but they’re not so neurotic that they will actively fight against it. Then there are people like me, who joined the resistance years ago, and carry out combat actions behind enemy lines. But I’ve hardly ever […]

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Normal Christmas greetings welcomed and celebrated like normal folks at normal places…

You’ve all heard me yammer about the PC secular progressives with their heads up their butts trying their hardest to avoid using the word “Christmas” in every “seasonal greeting” (less this year because I believe we’ve all but won that battle in the culture wars now). But you want a little respite from all the […]

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CTV online poll: 93% indicate they celebrate CHRISTMAS —by name; just 7% say they don’t

At least 93% of Canadians in this poll celebrate CHRISTMAS by shopping for Christmas gifts. Not “the holiday”, no, not “the festive season” gifts.  When asked, and even given the choice to answer “I don’t celebrate Christmas”, 93% indicate they do celebrate CHRISTMAS by shopping for Christmas gifts and only 7% chose the option “I […]

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Secular progressive PC liberals in media stuck on…dot dot dot…

It’s beginning to look a lot like “dot dot dot!” I can’t even really figure out their usually easy-to-identify obsequious adherence to the liberal-left’s political correctness mantra, in this one.  They just seem to be inexplicably incapable of actually publishing the word “Christmas” on their front page. INSIDE THEIR DARK PAGES OF OVERT DENIAL AND […]

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HOLY CHRISTMAS! CBC commenters PUSH BACK on CBC/progressive/liberal political-correctness idiocy

I started out writing this blog entry as just another item in one of my trademark multi-part, numbered, “newquips” entries — it was going to be “newsquip #1” for this morning, and it was going to read, simply, 1.  Actual headline featured on the front page of the nanny-state’s learnin’ ‘n media division, the ever […]

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Chilliwack school trustees vote to call it the CHRISTMAS holidays! Our new Canadian heroes!

“Christmas?”  How dare you?!  Extremists!  Just because that’s what it’s called, and it’s an official federal holiday endorsed by all governments but far more importantly by Canadians as a general matter, doesn’t mean you can call it that, does it?  I mean sure it’s a holiday of historic and traditional and sacred significance, embraced by […]

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Here comes talk of the “happy-tree fest of diversity & multiculti tolerance… except Christianity!”

Liberalvision posted an article this morning about a survey conducted by the rainbow-flavored Royal Bank (RBC) on the spending predictions of Canadians over the ….. wait for it….. “holidays”. Yes, all you “holiday” celebrators, they carefully employed the word “holidays” ten times in the article, including the headline, and managed to use the word […]

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Everybody go to IHOP! They love Christmas!

It’s my new favorite restaurant, simply because of their sign, which I stumbled on today while Christmas shopping — yes that’s right, Christmas shopping.  Not “holiday” shopping, or “happy-tree festivus” or “seasonal” shopping, as those of you with that annoying passive-aggressive, secular-progressive, politically-correct, possibly anti-Christian, possibly Communist or possibly simply that typical left-wing lack of […]

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