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Newt Gingrich Fox News debate Dec 2011

Newt: Speak Bombastically and Carry a Tiny Stick

Fellow right-wingers: Is our objective to taunt Obama by accusing him of “Kenyan, anti-colonial behavior,” of being “authentically dishonest” and a “wonderful con” — and then lose the election — or is it to defeat Obama, repeal ObamaCare, secure the borders, enforce e-verify, reform entitlement programs, reduce the size of government and save the country? […]

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What will be Stephen Harper’s legacy?

On this 144th anniversary weekend marking Canada Day, or for traditionalists among us, Dominion Day, Prime Minister Stephen Harper with a new majority mandate deservingly earned can take quiet pride in the seat he occupies while surveying the land and people he has been elected to govern. Harper will likely ask himself, and others surrounding […]

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