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#cdnpoli – People aren’t as stupid as leftists seem to think

If only the political establishment and the chattering classes were as sensible and considerate as the Canadian people. The mass response to the so-called robocalls scandal has been one of drowning indifference. Eager pollsters have rushed to the electorate to fulfill their hopes and dreams that the possibility of a few people making dumb phone […]

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MSM: Suddenly the world loves America. (Or let’s just pretend it’s so. Wink.)

The lamestream media made it a focus of their agenda to portray President George W. Bush as an internationally hated pariah. An idiot.  They did it with a vengeance. Literally. They maligned him as forcefully, as often, as blatantly as possible. In full, bold colors. They never missed an opportunity to publish photos like the […]

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Barney Frank out? Good. Take all your friends with you.

The best start to a week I’ve had in ages: news that Democrat Congressman Barney Frank is not running in the next election. Here’s hoping Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and at least a dozen of the other corrupt left-wing politicians  —  some of them surreptitiously but a few of them admittedly socialists  —  follow him […]

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Blogo GUILTY on multiple counts. Liberal media GUILTY for never calling him a DEM

Just hearing the news about Rod Blagojevich. Hearing lots of “GUILTY” on all news channels; haven’t heard “DEMOCRAT” yet though. ….developing… … Still looking, but the word “Democratic” officially expunged from media guidebook when telling of Rod Blagojevich saga, apparently. … ….developing… …I’ve now added the tag “liberal media” to this post… ….developing… It’s all […]

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