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Arab Spring now a Christian nightmare

In the 1990s, western democracies stepped forward to stop ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia by dispatching NATO forces in support of UN peacekeeping operations in the Balkans. The disintegration of Yugoslavia precipitated ethnic strife, and like all such struggles anywhere in the world, the Balkan conflict was complex and layered with history of grievances, identity […]

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Hillary’s message likely will be unheeded

The news from Egypt that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, on visiting Alexandria recently, was greeted by a crowd chanting “Monica” while throwing tomatoes and shoes at her motorcade did not come as a surprise. There is nothing outrageous, atrocious, vulgar and violent done on a regular basis in the name of Islam across the […]

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The military’s shrewd gambit in Egypt

JIZEL, Algeria — The landscape around Jizel, east of Algeria’s capital Algiers on the Barbary Coast, appears like an artist’s hidden paradise in some remote corner of the world. The view of the Mediterranean framed by the mountains is spectacular, and it tells me why the French fought so long and hard to remain here. […]

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Military key to a balanced Egypt

As Egyptians voted in the first round of their presidential election, there is anticipation that a new era of popularly elected government for the country is in the making. But the odds are stacked against Egypt and, ironically, this is for the better. Sixty years of authoritarian rule inaugurated in the July 1952 military coup […]

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Women stand to lose most in Arab Spring

The monthly journal Foreign Policy recently published an essay by Mona Eltahawy titled “Why Do They Hate Us?” Eltahawy is an American of Egyptian origin, a graduate from the American University in Cairo with a master’s degree in journalism, who publishes views on politics and culture inside the Arab world. In the large amount of […]

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Women continue to pay the price

A year ago on Dec. 17, 2010, Mohamed Bouazizi, a Tunisian street vendor, set himself on fire in despair with poverty and absence of any hope. He saw himself caged, as did so many others, in his native country turned into a prison of daily abuse from where there seemed to be no exit. Bouazizi […]

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Mimicking the Middle Ages

A daily watch of someone stricken with a severe malady will more or less confirm with every twitching observed that the patient’s situation is critical. Such is the case in observing the daily painfully grievous twitching in the Middle East and across the Arab-Muslim world, and every spike in violence observed merely confirms the Islamic […]

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“Ruthless men hide behind veil of religion”

Revolutions are known to devour their children, and popular uprisings driven by the promise of change for the better have been notorious for turning into nightmares. The so-called Arab Spring is another dark night unfolding across the Middle East. This was predictable, and inevitable. The Tunisian fruit-seller who sparked this Arab Spring by self-immolating was […]

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Democracy bloodied

Well, that one didn’t take long did it? The great Arab spring, the awakening of democracy and pluralism in the Middle East, hugs and kisses all round, and even perhaps a goodwill tour from some dreadful CBC comedy team. No, it’s all a fantasy. A liberal, western, relativist fantasy. Christians murdered and churches destroyed in […]

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Freedom is ‘God’s gift to humanity’

As people’s insurrections spread in the Arab world, it might be useful for those watching the mayhem gather pace to take time out from television and reach for some historical perspective. There is no substitute for such perspective to put in context the Arab drama unfolding before our eyes. And like a play of several […]

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Egypt’s choice — the bad and the ugly

The spring revolution in Egypt driving Hosni Mubarak from the presidential palace in Cairo appeared as high drama, and experts gathered in television studios in capitals of the West minutely examined the plots and subplots of this drama in the manner of some sporting event. As crowd swelled in Tahrir Square in Cairo, a lot […]

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EGYPT: US Ambassador sounds like a Canadian liberal.

The well-known American national security adviser and international affairs expert KT McFarland just made (if cautiously) the apt comparison between the movement today in Egypt, which has affected massive change there on its own and without any notable outside help; to the grassroots tea party movement in America. The comparison was apt insofar as their […]

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