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Cruisin’ with The Nation: Why red isn’t the new green

You can’t imagine the thunderous LOL that emanated from my office last Saturday when I opened my copy of the April 11th issue of The Nation. Yes, you read that right — The Nation, that long-time voice of American comrade-ism. Casually flipping through the pages looking for some environment-related screed with which to have some […]

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Clean energy’s junk economics

The oxymoron-ish nature of a left-wing “think tank” is on display in the Center for American Progress’ latest pitch for a so-called “clean energy standard” (CES). In a new white paper, CAP says that clean energy opponents (like us), “…have built a fear campaign about the impacts of these investments, arguing that the costs are […]

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Mann et al. try old lie on new Congress

Hokey stick creator Michael Mann and a number of fellow alarmists sent a letter to Congress yesterday asking it to take a “fresh look at climate change.” In the letter’s section “Climate Change Deniers,” Mann et al. state: … no research results have produced any evidence that challenges the overall scientific understanding of what is […]

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EPA’s desperate new smog scare

A new study reports that people can suffer lung damage from ground-level ozone (smog) even at the strict new standards proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. But this is yet another example of how science can be manufactured by EPA to fit its regulatory agenda. Last month, the EPA delayed finalizing its proposed ozone […]

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EPA outsmarts biomass industry

“Biomass-inine” is the only way to describe the biomass industry’s deal with the EPA. Administrator Lisa Jackson announced today that the biomass industry would be exempt from the agency’s greenhouse gas (GHG) regulations for three years, pending more research on whether biomass is truly “carbon neutral”: The agency intends to use this time to seek […]

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Green backlash against House GOP begins — lamely

Green groups commenced their assault on the House GOP today, accusing last week’s legislative efforts to rein in the EPA’s climate regulations as “a threat to public health.” In condemning Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s bill (H.R. 97) to amend the Clean Air Act to exclude greenhouse gases, Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) issued a media release […]

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Tired of greenies watching over us? Steven Milloy hatches a watch list of his own contributor Steven Milloy has hatched a great idea on his blog site: Wimp & Sellout Watch — No. 1 January 4, 2011 While we have high hopes that the newly empowered Republican Members of Congress will make every effort to fight the socialization of America, we are also aware that the GOP has an […]

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EPA’s Mercurial Hypocrisy

How cynical is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency about the potential mercury hazard of compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)? Last week the EPA issued new guidance for the clean-up of mercury-containing CFLs. Atypically minimizing any potential health risks and arrogantly assuming that people patronize the agency’s web site, the EPA’s media release states, CFLs contain […]

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GOP all set to wimp out on EPA?

A key Republican is already laying the groundwork for the 112th Congress’ surrender on the EPA’s climate rules. More surprising is the complicity of a tea party group. Rep. Fred Upton, the chairman-designate of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, co-authored an op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal with the promising title, “How Congress Can […]

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VIDEO: Watch BBC video of story on judge ruling on Al Gore’s inconvenient political propaganda

Here’s a report from the BBC on the story that the Canadian media apparently refuses to acknowledge.  I believe they ignore it because it refutes all the hard indoctrination work they’ve done in promoting Al Gore’s BS-laden shockumentary called “An Inconvenient Truth” and the concept of “man-made global warming”.  As I’ve reported several times here […]

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VIDEO: Al Gore won’t debate man-made global warming theory: so our Steve Milloy brings debate to him

Our columnist Steve Milloy has upped the ante once again.  While Al Gore refuses to debate his man-made global warming freak-out theory, real scientists are all over the debate, which liberals say is over, on the basis that all scientists agree (through a cool-sounding “consensus”) with the man-made global warming theories of Al (“my hair […]

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British Man-Made Global Warming Deniers Too Stupid For Words: BBC Liberal Media Experts

Damn stupid unbelieving deniers.  And this, in spite of the explicit instructions by the liberal media, academia, Hollywood, Al Gore, and Liberal Frenchman Stephane (“the Green Guru”) Dion.  Amuse yourselves at how the BBC report keeps harking back to Royal Society “scientists” (and interestingly, even the pollsters themselves) to counter and stem if at all […]

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“Scientific Consensus”? UN’s IPCC Panel releases facts proving it’s an illusion

Thanks to Frogg for this report: News Release: Al Gore Confronted by Own Scientists Written By: Tom Swiss Published In: Heartland Perspectives Publication Date: June 29, 2007 Publisher: The Heartland Institute (Chicago IL – June 29, 2007) On June 28, in an historic move the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released the expert […]

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