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Arab Spring now a Christian nightmare

In the 1990s, western democracies stepped forward to stop ethnic cleansing in former Yugoslavia by dispatching NATO forces in support of UN peacekeeping operations in the Balkans. The disintegration of Yugoslavia precipitated ethnic strife, and like all such struggles anywhere in the world, the Balkan conflict was complex and layered with history of grievances, identity […]

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Empty church discloses a harsh reality

  ALGIERS, ALGERIA  – Notre Dame d’Afrique sits on top of a cliff overlooking Algiers. It was completed in 1872 and since then has been one of the landmarks of the Algerian capital, its neo-Byzantine style architecture with an impressive dome standing imperially over a city that still reflects, despite its present shabbiness, the legacy of […]

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Women stand to lose most in Arab Spring

The monthly journal Foreign Policy recently published an essay by Mona Eltahawy titled “Why Do They Hate Us?” Eltahawy is an American of Egyptian origin, a graduate from the American University in Cairo with a master’s degree in journalism, who publishes views on politics and culture inside the Arab world. In the large amount of […]

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Avoiding Arab-Muslim heart of darkness

The bloodletting in Syria should end any further romanticizing of the so-called “Arab Spring.” There is more ugly reality yet to see as Egypt’s experiment with the Islamist version of democracy unfolds. I do not speak lightly of the Arab-Muslim world’s heart of darkness. I have seen it in the all-male crowded streets of Peshawar, […]

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Lesson from Iraq for Syria

In a recent Wall Street Journal column, Fouad Ajami laments America’s abdication of Syria as the country slides ever deeper into the morass of a bloody civil war. Ajami is the pre-eminent Arab-American academic and public intellectual writing about the contemporary Middle East. His realism, honesty, insight of the Arab world and elegant style, make […]

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West should let Arab-Muslim world be

Arab despots are doomed, to be overthrown and hanged or shot, as were Saddam Hussein and Moammar Gadhafi. They have had their moment on history’s stage and, almost without exception, they have been deserving of utmost contempt. Their exit does not, however, mean an end to some variation of authoritarian rule that will remain tyrannical […]

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Ex-Muslim ‘royalty’ faces dicey future over claims of Islam deception

“Allah is the greatest enemy of the Muslim people, and Islam imprisons my brothers and sisters, the Palestinians, and all of the Arab world,” explains Mosab Hassan Yousef. Unlike the rest of us in the studio, he is utterly calm and seems to have no fear of the repercussions and consequences of what he says. […]

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