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Americans are behind Keystone; the plurality of Canadians too, especially Conservatives

President Obama is sliding in all the polls, as if they were coated in oil. A better explanation, however, is that he is himself quite greasy. In recent Canadian polling, Canadians are still showing support for the Keystone pipeline even though they’re rightly peeved at President Obama’s dismissal of it, and their knowledge that Canada […]

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Obama won’t approve Keystone pipeline? Fine. Canada’s PM Harper to visit China in Feb

Obama pretends he wants to “insource” (another ridiculous Obama-ism which is meant to replace “American”) jobs to America. and yet here’s a prime example of how he sabotages exactly that. Maybe President Obama thought Canada and its Conservative prime minister were bluffing about selling Canada’s oil to Asia, rather than to Canada’s friend and partner, […]

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60% of likely U.S. voters favor building the Keystone XL pipeline. Obama out of touch. And favor.

Polling suggests that 60% of likely U.S. voters are at least somewhat in favor of the Alberta to Texas Keystone XL pipeline. Only 24% are opposed, and 16% are unsure. See “60% Favor Building Keystone XL Pipeline”. Sixty percent being in favor of what is traditionally a massively politically incorrect project is huge, especially in […]

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