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Idea To Thwart Pain-In-The-Ass Left-Wing Protests

This featured article made my brain twitch. I got this great new idea that would serve mankind in fantastic news ways. Here’s the Twitchy item: “Priorities: Anti-Bush protest in Denver dwarfed by mob at free pot giveaway” You have to read that Twitchy page to believe how insane the constantly protesting and narrative-pushing and […]

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Putting on the Fresh Person Fifteen

Author’s note: The use of an asterisk indicates that the college or university has revised its speech code thanks to the work of my friends at the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, or FIRE. (See The best source of information about campus speech in general is: Greg Lukianoff. Unlearning Liberty. New York: Encounter […]

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A night with the fanatics

On Tuesday evening, I covered a 9/11 vigil in Toronto, and a counter-protest across the street organized by Islamic and leftist groups calling for the return of Omar Khadr. We didn’t know that as this was taking place, Muslim fascists in Libya and Egypt were murdering people who had in some way offended them. One […]

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When Students Cheat Liberals Retreat

The best argument against liberalism is that it doesn’t work. That should be obvious to any teacher who has to deal with student cheating. Even some sociology teachers are beginning to learn this although they are not aware that they are learning it. Like rats in a Skinner box, their behavior is being modified by […]

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All My Exes Live in Texas

A former Texas high school teacher was convicted of multiple felonies after having sex with five 18-year-old students at her home. The conviction was a victory for the prosecution but it was a setback for the feminist movement. It was also a setback for the homosexual uncivil rights movement, which seeks unlimited authority to redefine […]

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Ethnocentric Studies

Ethnocentrism is under-rated. Most college students are exposed to the concept only if they take a course in Introductory Sociology or if they should chose to major in sociology. Even then, the concept of ethnocentrism is presented as an evil to be extinguished by fostering the value of anti-ethnocentrism. For those who are not well-versed […]

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The Salem Sandwich Trials

My name is Mike Adams. I’m honored to have been elected mayor of Salem, Massachusetts at this seminal point in history as we struggle to eradicate intolerance and prejudice towards gays, bisexuals, lesbians, and transgendered persons. Members of the GBLT community (hereafter: Giblets) are in need of our support. But they cannot go it alone. […]

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Froot Loops

Amnesty International: the PETA of liberal-left “rights” idiocy

What a bad joke nearly all of these increasingly left-wing-tinged “rights” organizations have become. I blame Barack Obama for serving the Kool Aid which so many now consume. Like the idiocy that PETA has sadly become, Amnesty International is still a tax-receipt-issuing charity supported by apparently foolish individuals who have apparently lost any reasonable perspective […]

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IDs for Beer but Not for Ballots?

I was in Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport recently and had a three-hour layover before I headed back to Miami. So, I did what any sensible gentleman would do—namely, I headed up to the Heineken Bar & Grill to get a beer and roast a fine puros before my plane ride home. Upon arrival at the bar […]

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A terrorist? Me?!

So we’re all terrorists now at Sun News. I had no idea! I thought I was someone who deplored and condemned terror, who believed in turning the other cheek, and who tried to read, write and think his way through contemporary problems. My colleagues at the television network seemed rather similar — gentle souls mostly, […]

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I’m Telling Your Commie

Dear JW: Thanks for writing to me. I also want to take a moment to thank you for sending an email to one of my Marxist bosses urging my censure for a recent column that I wrote. Among other things, you, a self-described liberal, allege that my column was racist. I think there are a […]

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Chancellor Miller Tear Down This Wall

Dear Dr. Miller: Let me first express my great satisfaction over your selection as our new chancellor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. I am delighted to have a former Mississippi State Bulldog in charge of our university. I am also impressed by your qualifications. Unlike your predecessor, you were not selected on […]

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