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How does Clinton fare up north in Canada? Comments on the Globe & Mail story went south.

Let me set this up for you: nearly every day, the Canadian liberals’ multi-faceted media division (which includes the mammoth state-owned CBC) reports on the latest Donald Trump news (or more accurately, it seems to me they watch Rachel Maddow on MSNBC then report to Canadians what Maddow said, changing her “about” to “aboat”). Or they publish […]

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BRILLIANT take-down of CNN, a CNN reporter, a CNN anchor, and its hideously biased agenda-driven editing

I’ll get to the point in a second. But first (and I promise this is related), I read my usual National Review articles this morning and copied this nugget: Conservatism must be about explaining to non-conservatives why they should be conservative not why they can’t be. This is politics 101 going back to Aristotle: Persuasion. ~ by […]

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CNN’s Bias is “Over The Top”

Supposedly, not a CNN opinion piece: This is how CNN introduced their “news report” about Trump achieving the 1,237 delegate votes needed to secure the nomination, on Wednesday May 26, 2016: If you think CNN was using the occasion to ever so delicately imply Donald Trump is “OVER THE TOP” with all his egregiously inaccurate and tendentious wordplay, you’re obviously […]

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Liberal media caught in the act changing poll; and betrays its Democratic bias in another

Like this is anything new! But it helps to constantly remind yourself and others that you cannot trust the mainstream media  —  especially the non-Fox News Channel mainstream media. Thanks to for writing this up and catching my attention.  I grabbed my own screen captures because I could hardly believe my eyes. So these […]

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Massive gaffe-tastic blunder by Obama gets ignored by media

  Barack Obama: Heckovajob. No seriously. He said this, this morning, in his childish rant about the government shutdown, entirely forgetting about his left-wing labor union base, in which striking  —  shutting down businesses just to get what they want  —  is the modus operandi. He was off teleprompter, as if I had to tell […]

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Knock-knock! (GOP still isn’t home)

Hi again Reince Priebus, I called for the GOP to spark-up a multi-million-dollar TV and radio ad campaign using clips of conservatives to make the points nobody hears on mainstream media, and explain the truth of the matter to Americans. I haven’t seen that yet, but at east you did this, concerning Obamacare: I was […]

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Harry Reid dismisses CNN reporter for asking sensible question re shutdown

Here’s a clip the liberal mainstream media will definitely be running over and over! Right? Of course! Wait. No? In what has to be one of the most amazing gaffalicious quotes of 2013 if not the past several years, Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid got flustered by… a sensible question; then oozed brain poo on […]

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What I’d do if I were Mr.GOP

Hi Reince Priebus, The government has partially shut down. The GOP is not part of that shut-down, as far as I know. So they’re still “open,” right? If I were in charge of the GOP, which I really should be because then Republicans would be a shoo-in to win, I’d spend millions on TV and […]

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(Video) CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield erupts on Paul Begala

I think this speaks to how the liberals and their media division is freaking-out over how this #HarryReidsShutdown looks to the public. They (both the Democrats and their media division) so wanted this shut-down, but this yearning was contingent upon the public buying their sales pitch  —  their Obamacult narrative  —  in which the public […]

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A truly great thinker (Sowell) calls out “A Truly Great Phony” (Obama)

In his latest column, the brilliant author and columnist Thomas Sowell unwittingly reminds us why we should make sure we buy all his books (Thomas Sowell books at via, read all his columns, and then elect him as president.  It would be useful to have a truly smart, honest, and plain-speaking conservative man […]

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Obama, presidential “extremist,” fails on leadership. And yes, “fails” is the accurate word.

An epic slam today on the Obama regime, in which Charles Krauthammer uses precisely the right words to describe reality. Krauthammer, who actually is smart, is unlike Barack Obama, whom the liberal-left mainstream media dutifully and obediently and repeatedly insist is “smart,” or “supersmart,” or “ultra intelligent,” even while lacking any credible examples to back […]

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Example of typical liberal media “news” report: “It’s even more bad news!!”

As posted at and, for a Canadian audience. But it speaks equally well to Americans. In today’s news across Canada, we find that there are sensible Canadians responding to the left-wing progressive-advocating media’s advocacy — in the papers’ own comments sections! It’s what makes Wednesdays tolerable for me. Well that and Bill O’Reilly […]

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