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Sectarian tensions reveal Arab fault line

As the regime of the Syrian strongman falters and Bashar al-Assad is probably haunted by images of the terrifying end of Libya’s tyrant, Moammar Gadhafi, the Arab Spring is turning into an inter-Arab and sectarian Sunni-Shiite regional conflict. The recent decision of the 22-member Arab League to suspend Syria for the violent repression of the […]

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Rebel dons “Colonel” Gaddafi’s military hat: “I just took it from his bedroom.”

Fox News Channel got this prize interview with a rebel who ransacked “Colonel” Kadaffy’s compound and, duh, went right into his luxurious and yet ever so “Bedouin” bedroom.  Among what I’m sure were full box-loads of American and European porn mags and videos, he found Kadaffy’s gold-brimmed military hat; grabbed it, and stuck it on […]

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Libya’s future echoes Afghanistan’s past

The confusion in western capitals involved in an air war of some sort over Libya — or what the Obama administration in a rhetorical stroke of the best of Orwellian double-speak has called a “kinetic military operation” — means there is no defined end-game. Is this about regime change? Some in the Obama administration say […]

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Libya fight not worth it

When my grandfather went off to war in Libya, he was there for a good reason. He hadn’t volunteered but had been conscripted, yet he never had any doubts as to the righteousness of his task. Guys under the age of 25 had been taken by the army more than a year earlier. Dave was […]

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West being suckered by Arab League

The Libyan mission Operation Odyssey Dawn, under UN authority, is a dog’s breakfast and nothing good is going to come out of it. The conniving elite of the Arab League has snookered an ever-ready coalition of western powers to do its bidding. And the western powers (Britain, France, the U.S. and Canada dutifully in tow), […]

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Japan will recover; no guarantee for Libya

The terrifying natural disaster from the tsunami that swept through a part of Japan, leaving in its massive surge coastal areas wrecked and human casualties still being counted, also ironically swept from the headlines the man-made wreckage of Libyan towns and people by Moammar Gadhafi’s gangsters. Japan will recover from the wreckage wrought by the […]

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UN’s Libya inaction: Like a scene from 24 — or Chuck

Chuck Bartowski, Sarah Walker, Colonel John Casey  —  where are you?  The world needs you now. We obviously can’t count on President Obama for leadership in anything like a timely manner.  And as long as liberals are the champions of the global governance model of the gentle United Nations, and incessantly revere it and apologize […]

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Gadhafi not ‘delusional’ — he’s evil

The Obama administration’s envoy to the UN in New York, Susan Rice, described Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi as “delusional.” David Pryce-Jones — author of The Closed Circle, which I recommended in my last column as required reading in lifting the veil covering the Arab world — responded by asking if ambassador Rice has any understanding […]

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Freedom is ‘God’s gift to humanity’

As people’s insurrections spread in the Arab world, it might be useful for those watching the mayhem gather pace to take time out from television and reach for some historical perspective. There is no substitute for such perspective to put in context the Arab drama unfolding before our eyes. And like a play of several […]

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Ditch Libya; “Look for a Canadian flag”

This Twitter post from a the PM Harper’s spokesman (goes by PmoSoudas on Twitter) struck me as one of those little (tiny) gems of history. I captured this last night from my Blackberry while checking my @JoelJohannesen feed. And a well-placed jab at the Liberals from PmoSoudas followed.  He Tweeted: “while Canadian officials are working […]

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Libyan “leader” reportedly ditches Libya. Who’d take him?

Hugo Chavez’s people deny knowing anything about Colonel Gadaffi being delivered there, possibly because their idea of open and transparent is not unlike Colonel Sanders’, but several reports have surfaced indicating that the Libya leader Muammar Gadaffi has (to continue the chicken metaphor) flown the coop (or whatever you call nations held in the stone-age […]

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