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Petition against Morgentaler award reaches 11,468

The online petition to have Morgentaler’s Order of Canada award rescinded has reached 11,468 signatures on the English-language version alone.  • Canadian Petition – English • Canadian Petition – French • American and International Petition Previous blog entry. Morgentaler category at PTBC (excludes columnists).

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Large small town Fryer talks “buffoon”. And “European”.

Luckily I’m multilingual and I can speak socialist and buffoon.  A citizen from the far-left coast, John Fryer, listing his apparently “dual” citizenship on his web page as “Citizenship: Canadian and European”, has taken exception to remarks made by a Conservative MP, Nanaimo-Alberni MP James Lunney. Speaking for himself and many of his constituents, no […]

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Joel’s thought for the day: on liberal-left, abortions, and sanity

It’s amazing to me how pro-life people are marginalized and castigated and berated, pigeon-holed and shouted-down by pro-abortion liberals as: “extremists”.  And how things have “progressed”; how the weak-minded have been led by liberals and their media and the clergy in their academia division (the teachers) to subscribe to that spurious bit of social engineering. […]

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EIGHTH Order of Canada award ditched by recipient… and counting

More Canadians have returned Order of Abortion Appreciation (the award formerly known as Order of Canada) award.  See below for information on how to return yours.  8th Canadian to Return Order of Canada Because of Morgentaler Award By Tim Waggoner WINDSOR, ON, July 11, 2008 ( – Retired Police Detective Frank Chauvin has announced his […]

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IMPORTANT READ: Henry Aubin’s column at PTBC - references Margaret Somerville

An excellent column by Montreal Gazette columnist and author Henry Aubin caught my eye this week.  It’s excellent because it helps expose the perfidy involved in the cabal of liberals who secretly arranged a national award for the liberal-left’s abortion hero, Henry Morgentaler, in order to advance their personal, political/social cause.  I asked for and […]

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Let’s get a couple of things straight: (1) abortion is not solely about “religion”…

1.  I’ve stated and re-stated this fact for years, here at PTBC:  Abortion is the most disgusting, most egregious thing ever thought of by humans.  I’ve never, ever quoted a passage from the Bible, nor made any reference between abortion and Christianity.  Never.  No, not once.  Ever. Not that there’s anything wrong with quoting passages […]

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Pro-life rally against Morgentaler award draws a THOUSAND; doubles prediction of 500

Double the expected turnout?  You’d think that would be news.  But it’s not.  CBC Newsworld is all over “road rage” and “how to avoid getting struck by lightning”.  Even though it was well-attended by the media, including the CBC as I pointed out earlier.  Even the folks who organized it predicted only 500 would show […]

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PTBC officially changes name of Order of Canada

I’m going to refer to the “Order of Canada” as the “Order of Abortion Acceptance”, since it was a de facto order on Canada Day that Canadians accept abortion, and that we deem it as yet another one of what the liberals call their (slash) our “Canadian Values”.  (In fact it’s not just about tolerating […]

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Wisdom From The Roots #6337: petition to rescind Morgentaler award

As I breathlessly mentioned yesterday, there’s an online petition going on right now to present to the liberals’ Governor-General division with regard to the liberals’ Order of Canada division and its liberal-appointed committee’s personal ideology-based decision to award the Order of Canada to their abortionist-in-chief, Morgentaler, abortion hero.  In the first 24 hours, over 2,000 […]

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New website: “” features “Henry Morgentaler, Abortionist”. And that’s it!

Stumbled onto which features a photo of the pro-abortion advocate and hero to all liberals, H. Morgentaler, and only Morgentaler, with the words, Order of Canada: Henry Morgentaler, Abortionist. SIDEBAR:  How careless and amateurish of the highly-paid minions in the liberals’ government bureaucracy division to neglect the basic Websites-101 necessity of registering their organization […]

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