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Remember Obama “evolved” on gay marriage, rather than lied? Well…

If you read my last entry, WaPo fact-checks Obama but don’t worry, Obama’s not lying. Just “problematic claims,”  you’ll love this. I’ll wait right here while you read that. OK. Today I read an article by Guy Benson at Townhall: New Sebelius Lie: Seven Million Obamacare Enrollments Was Never Our Goal. From my earlier learning […]

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WaPo fact-checks Obama but don’t worry, Obama’s not lying. Just “problematic claims.”

To the Obama-luvin’ mainstream media, an outright lie to and pure deception of the American people by the president of the United States, is reduced to only a “problematic claim.” And this is itself problematic. Especially when we know the news media is onto him. They know it’s a lie. When a used car salesman […]

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Theo Caldwell: America’s Next President Must Restore Freedom

It was easier for Arthur Fonzarelli to say he was “wrong” than it has been for many to admit that President Obama “lied” when he repeatedly stated his eponymous health care law would allow people to keep their insurance, or their doctors, if they so wished. Of course the president lied. Politicians lie. And birds […]

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Pathology of progressives

BREAKING: Conservatives aren’t “racists,” just because we don’t like Barack Obama or any of his liberal-fascist ideas. Also BREAKING: the sky is blue. And THIS JUST IN: many liberals are pathological liars. Actually that last bit wasn’t “breaking” inasmuch as it’s now old news, witness Obamacare, “stimulus funding,” the IRS scandal, Benghazi, gun-running, big government […]

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Obama’s OFA uses family and “holidays” fake-out, to get Obamacare support and cash

UPDATED BELOW “As we get closer to the holidays, there’s an important talk we all can have with our families.” That’s the line Obama and his permanent campaign team is now using in a phoney appeal to the family and people’s emotions, to sell his Obamacare nonsense. In my latest email from the “Organizing […]

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Finally, GOP answers door. A Crack.

Is timidity and naval-gazing now the official ingenious Republican strategy for winning political battles? The party seems almost to be trying not to win in the court of public opinion. And it’s so easy to win. I’ve been knocking the GOP for not fighting the popular (Obamacult) opinion being built by liberals and their media, […]

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Massive gaffe-tastic blunder by Obama gets ignored by media

  Barack Obama: Heckovajob. No seriously. He said this, this morning, in his childish rant about the government shutdown, entirely forgetting about his left-wing labor union base, in which striking  —  shutting down businesses just to get what they want  —  is the modus operandi. He was off teleprompter, as if I had to tell […]

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Obama, presidential “extremist,” fails on leadership. And yes, “fails” is the accurate word.

An epic slam today on the Obama regime, in which Charles Krauthammer uses precisely the right words to describe reality. Krauthammer, who actually is smart, is unlike Barack Obama, whom the liberal-left mainstream media dutifully and obediently and repeatedly insist is “smart,” or “supersmart,” or “ultra intelligent,” even while lacking any credible examples to back […]

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Obama’s poll numbers aren’t moving down you say? Well that’s not really true (either).

How could it be that Barack Obama’s poll numbers have held steady through these latest three massive Obama scandals  —  IRS tyranny-gate, Obama’s Benghazi-gate, and the First Amendment Demolishing/AP/Fox News investigating-gate? Well maybe they haven’t really. This may be but another bit of a narrative-construction, and lies through omission of facts from the Obama-luvin’ mainstream […]

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MSNBC in ratings dumper as left-wing viewers ape Obama’s pretense of not knowing nuttin’

How are cable news channels doing these days during all these huge Obama-gate scandals? There’s at least got to be some good news in that segment of the economy right? At least you’d think so. But MSNBC is failing just when there’s so much news to talk about, so much to question government about and […]

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Jay Carney, covering for Barack Obama, emerges from Obama orgasmatron

I’ve joked about the liberal mainstream media enjoying “Obamagasms” since the day he started campaigning before his first term. But the look on Barack Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney’s face at today press conference, presumably taking place immediately after meeting with Obama and together discussing the planned spin du jour or lies du jour, reminded me […]

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Citizens advancing on Obamamania media positions on the American front

I get a palpable sense that it’s not just me and the usual Republican or conservative or at least right-thinking punditry and luminaries like the esteemed Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, whose column this week is entitled “Obama: The fall”, and author and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, who are sensing a change in […]

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