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BAD DAY FOR OBAMA; rest of America shakes head

Obama’s VA Secretary Shinseki resigns; Obama’s spokesmodel Jay Carney resigns. Shinseki resigns – Obama claims that he’s accepting Shinseki’s resignation “because he would be a distraction.” (THAT’s why?) – Claims the problem “predates his presidency” (AKA blame Bush). Thinks that excuses him from responsibility, after campaigning in 2008 on being the guy who could fix […]

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Ukraine: Liberal media scatter like rats now, after first getting Obama elected

Notes on the news coverage of Ukraine crisis: As soon as this started happening, I recalled in my little noggin the words of straight-shooter Sarah Palin, from back in 2008. She warned that if Obama were elected, Putin might just try to take Ukraine. I mostly remember liberals and their media laughing like hyenas at […]

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Rand Paul’s Righteous NSA Lawsuit

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is suing the federal government on behalf of everyone who has a mobile phone. For this, he should be thanked. Paul’s spirited opposition to the National Security Agency’s collection of Americans’ electronic communications, which his lawsuit seeks to curtail, is consistent with the ideals of individual liberty on which America was […]

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Just when I thought my last will and testament was perfect…

A couple of tidbits today. First, read that penultimate sentence: See penultimate sentence. — James Taranto (@jamestaranto) January 30, 2014 I will be changing mine to include the same sentiment but expanded to “all liberal media.” Item #2. This chyron on CNN just now: Why the question mark? It’s not a question, it’s “settled […]

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Obama has struggled like an army vet who was nearly killed in his 10th deployment. Yup.

In case you didn’t know, 30-year-old Sgt. First Class Cory Remsburg is a heroic veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. He was nearly killed by a roadside bomb in Kandahar, Afghanistan.  Barack Obama rightly honored him in last night’s State of the Union. Some totally objective tweeps who are experts in objectively reporting […]

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Iran sees U.S. as surrendering to Iran

President Barack Hussein Obama said recently in a written statement that his regime’s six-month deal with Iran represents “concrete progress” toward a long-term agreement. Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani seems to think it represents concrete “surrender.” At least they agree on “concrete.” Our relationship w/ the world is based on Iranian nation's interests. In #Geneva agreement world […]

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Pajama Boy LIBERAL(403px)

The Symbols of the Obama Era: Pajama Boy…

Remember Obama’s infamous “Julia?” Julia was what the Obama regime used to exemplify the fantastic liberal-left Obama-style life. Just vote for Obama, and (“under President Obama,” as they impoliticly put it) everything’s paid for, you’re all taken care of by government, and thanks to the benevolent dear leader, your life will be swell! Team Obama’s […]

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Obamacare reminds me of Volkswagens

Why do I think of Volkswagens when I read lines like this? “Obama’s law turns insurance companies into vehicles for redistribution: heavily regulated, highly protected public utilities with a social-engineering mission.” — FOX News First: Dec. 4 By Chris Stirewalt Because it reminds me of an unfortunate government/corporate/social-engineering similarity. Google Volkswagen. You’ll find that a […]

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Theo Caldwell: America’s Next President Must Restore Freedom

It was easier for Arthur Fonzarelli to say he was “wrong” than it has been for many to admit that President Obama “lied” when he repeatedly stated his eponymous health care law would allow people to keep their insurance, or their doctors, if they so wished. Of course the president lied. Politicians lie. And birds […]

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“Never let a serious crisis go to waste!” So uses epic Obamacare fail to raise cash.

Is there no shame on the left? Well let’s not piffle. No is the answer. Bad enough that the progressives  —  and their big, big government and President Obama  —  have been revealed as absolute liars. And bad enough that it has been proven once again, as if we needed it, that big government can’t […]

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