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A truly great thinker (Sowell) calls out “A Truly Great Phony” (Obama)

In his latest column, the brilliant author and columnist Thomas Sowell unwittingly reminds us why we should make sure we buy all his books (Thomas Sowell books at via, read all his columns, and then elect him as president.  It would be useful to have a truly smart, honest, and plain-speaking conservative man […]

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Jay Carney, covering for Barack Obama, emerges from Obama orgasmatron

I’ve joked about the liberal mainstream media enjoying “Obamagasms” since the day he started campaigning before his first term. But the look on Barack Obama’s spokesman Jay Carney’s face at today press conference, presumably taking place immediately after meeting with Obama and together discussing the planned spin du jour or lies du jour, reminded me […]

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Citizens advancing on Obamamania media positions on the American front

I get a palpable sense that it’s not just me and the usual Republican or conservative or at least right-thinking punditry and luminaries like the esteemed Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, whose column this week is entitled “Obama: The fall”, and author and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, who are sensing a change in […]

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CNNs pro-Obama news teasers

CNN and others purposely misrepresenting what Romney said. The perfidy of the media is amazing.

CNN, in its mendacious teaser at its awful web site, selectively navigates through the “secret video” from a fundraiser in May, and conjures-up these choice words to attract attention: “Romney was recorded saying 47% of voters will back Obama because they’re dependent on the government and said his “job is not to worry about those […]

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Americans KNOW about the liberal-left media perfidy

Is it really any wonder so media outlets are going down?  And that people no longer trust them? And that Fox News Channel continues to lead the pack? 51% Expect Most Reporters To Help Obama; 9% Predict Most Will Help Romney Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Most voters think President Obama has gotten better treatment from […]

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Bank of America Stadium

Welcome to Obama’s Total BS Tour of Fantasy 2012

Those huge, fake, Greek-style columns Obama had at one major event in 2008 are definitely too ironic to use this time around, given what has happened economically in Greece recently, and the similarity of the trajectory Obama has set America on, circa 2012 BC, under Obama’s greasy rule. So this latest twist on the King […]

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Barack Obama was never vetted. Here’s another explosive example (or what should be explosive).

Imagine if Mitt Romney had in any way ever joined or supported, say, the John Birch Society (which is something about which the left and its mainstream media division would set its collective hair afire, on account of the fact that the group officially stands for limited government and the Constitution, and against communists, etc). […]

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Obama’s Teleprompter Industrial Complex run amok: 3-min speech, 2 teleprompters

(…But he’s so intelligent… and such a beautiful speaker!) I can’t imagine how Obama has gotten such a pass from nearly all of the mainstream media on his excessive use of…  no sorry let me start again.  Obama’s obsessive use of teleprompters is now just hideous; and the media’s purposeful and studious ignorance of it […]

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Obama’s big black tour bus, whence he preaches about American (“green”) jobs, was built in… Canada.

There are at least two American manufacturers of tour buses or motor coaches:  MCI and Eagle.  They both make buses for tour and transit companies like Trailways, Greyhound, and Gray Line.  They could have supplied the U.S. government with its taxpayer-paid $2.2 million set of big new black “green” jobs-promoting touring behemoths which President Obama […]

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James Taranto tells a true story about phony stories, called Fascist Fairy Tales. It’s about Obama.

The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto is always a great read, and this latest one tells a compelling and insightful  —  and true  —  story about Obama; and of his sycophants in certain media corners… which must be extremely frustrating to certain liberal-left writers. Read it and see what I mean. Fascist Fairy Tales Once […]

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Pundits lament a fallen president; and a remarkable liberal media response

I found a news conference by President Obama last week, following the last-second tax deal struck with Republicans, as surprising and remarkable, and I said as much last week. I’m not surprised that news conference has generated a similar intellectual response from other pundits over the course of the week, because it was a watershed […]

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