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Obama as he makes "revenge" remark.

The better man lost the election

There will be scores of books written and words piled up alongside the mounting American debt to fathom the results and consequences of the 2012 U.S. election. In columns of such limited space as these, one can only suggestively wink at, as I once wrote, the complexity of subjects such as this requiring treatment at […]

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How Mitt Romney Won My Vote

Note: The author would like to thank the Psalmist, Switchfoot, and Samwise for inspiring this column. Back in May of 1999, I made a decision to leave the Democratic Party. It was an easy decision. I had been a Democrat for 11 years. I voted for Dukakis when I was a committed leftist. But, later, […]

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This Was Going to Be an Awesome Column about the Debate (But the Altitude Kicked My Butt)

Last week I sent Mitt a note encouraging him not to morph into a McCain-like wuss during the debate. I think he got my email because he Buford Pussered Obama. It was embarrassing. The president looked defeated–head down, busted. The greatest joy I had the night of the debate didn’t come from watching the erudite […]

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Suddenly, liberal media’s line is “Debates Don’t Matter.”

      I was only half kidding when I tweeted last night during the first presidential debate: Suddenly the liberal media line is that these debates don’t really matter. “What matters is what we say matters.” — Joel Johannesen (@JoelJohannesen) October 4, 2012 [] But lo and behold, today, this: …And they were serious. […]

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On Taxes, Obama and Romney Obfuscate

Democrats are fond of saying that Republicans rely too heavily on tax cuts in their economic proposals. In reality, Mitt Romney’s tax plan is not only tepid and incomplete, but he has neglected to expose the true destructiveness of Democratic policies. Absent an effective Republican rejoinder, President Barack Obama gleefully mocks GOP tax prescriptions, including […]

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Young Voters: Obama’s a Cool President, and You’re a Broke Clod Living with Mommy

Obama appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show this past week and did a slow jam with Fallon and his house band—a brilliant move by the Entertainer-in-Chief. I thought it was both funny and smart. From a comedy perspective, it was well-written and well-performed by Obama, Fallon and The Roots. In terms of cleverness, it was shrewd […]

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Romney Doing the Job the Republican Establishment Won’t Do

The actual Republican Establishment –- political consultants, The Wall Street Journal, corporate America, former Bush advisers and television pundits — are exhorting Mitt Romney to flip-flop on his very non-Establishment position on illegal immigration. Both as governor of Massachusetts and as a presidential candidate, Romney has supported a fence on the border, E-Verify to ensure […]

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Stick a Fork in Santorum… He’s Done

I think the fog of the campaign war is getting to Santorum because he said last Thursday in San Antone that there is “little difference” between Romney and Obama, and we might as well stick with Barack. “Little” my skinny white backside! Dial down, Richard. I think Santorum should have stayed down in Puerto Rico […]

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Send Lizzie Borden to Washington

Any Republican governor of a blue state who manages to balance the budget without raising taxes should be a nominee for Mount Rushmore, to say nothing of president. Mitt Romney was governor of a state so blue, it’s North Korea with more Irish people, and he balanced the budget without raising taxes. Even Ronald Reagan […]

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dog on leash

Would Romney and Gingrich like a cookie?

This is about as good a line as I’ve seen if you’re betwixt Romney and Gingrich: The Case For Romney Jonah Goldberg ” … A President Romney would be on a very short leash. A President Gingrich would probably chew through his leash in the first 10 minutes of his presidency and wander off into […]

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Three Cheers for Romneycare!

If only the Democrats had decided to socialize the food industry or housing, Romneycare would probably still be viewed as a massive triumph for conservative free-market principles — as it was at the time. It’s not as if we had a beautifully functioning free market in health care until Gov. Mitt Romney came along and […]

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Re-elect Obama: Vote Newt!

To talk with Gingrich supporters is to enter a world where words have no meaning. They denounce Mitt Romney as a candidate being pushed on them by “the Establishment” — with “the Establishment” defined as anyone who supports Romney or doesn’t support Newt. Gingrich may have spent his entire life in Washington and be so […]

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Are you NotNaked?