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State of the Crocus Address

Since nobody seems to want these crocus updates, I’ll assume it’s because I haven’t explained it well enough, like Pres. Obama told Diane Sawyer over the weekend vis-a-vis his Obamacare that nobody wants because he hasn’t explained it enough times yet (or you’re just too dumb to get it!).  So here’s another address about it […]

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My dog Samra: rips into latest edition of communist rag…. I’m so damn proud!…

Sammy made further moves this morning to solidify her apparent swing to the political right side, and generally proving her properly conservative and anti-socialist-communist bona fides.  (See our previous update for reference.) A well-paid public servant slipped our PTBC mail through the mail slot at the suite of massive PTBC corporate offices this morning.  Among […]

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Sammy update: The Jihad Continues

Diplomatic Negotiations Have Failed While Cesar Millan, the legendary pack leader of all get out, would be proud of our coalition and Sammy for this one micro-second of calm, submissive, puppy bliss during negotiations yesterday, the grueling facts on the ground tell a different story.  Before and after this and a few other moments like […]

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Friday Oct 3 2009 — NewsQuips

NewsQuips are updated as I find the time throughout the day.  Sammy updates will also be added as my puppy bite wounds heal. 1.  I loved this just for its quintessential Church of Liberalism idiocy:  The state of Arizona has a law which forbids school kids from decorating Christmas trees with Christian things.  No seriously.  […]

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Sammy update: Documents reveal China Communist connection —to China tunneling effort

Our intelligence sources have uncovered and declassified some evidence suggesting that some rather plain-looking puppy toys are in fact possible propaganda ploys, manufactured in the People’s Republic of China by, of course, the ChiComs. Commies. An otherwise innocent-looking puppy toy given as a gift to Sammy by our neighbors down the street… …Which when examined […]

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PTBC reader email: That Bishop was my Bishop

From: “Paul W Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 12:17 PM To: “” Subject: My Bishop was arrested for kiddie porn Joel, It makes me sad that Bishop Lahey was arrested for having kiddie porn on his computer when passing through Canada Customs from the USA.  If he did something reprehensible, I hope he is properly […]

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Samra update: Sleeping with communists

Surveillance photos reveal Sammy deeply entrenched —albeit real cute ‘n snuggly-lookin’ (it’s a ploy) — amongst sundry nefarious correspondence, possibly plotting some sort of coup, or possibly an upcoming poop. Keen observers will notice the presence of the official Communist Party newspaper —The People’s Voice.  Central Command is attempting to arrange for the use of […]

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Sammy update: possible truce

Negotiations are ongoing, but we may have reached a temporary truce.  I bombed Sam with yummy things, and some o’ that calm assertive energy, and this seems to have effected a calm submissive attitude.  Or it could be another one of her covert plans. I remain on the alert. “Trust but verify” —Ronald Reagan

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Ho ho ho no mo. Liberal Party funder Ho charged with all manner of crimes

Christmas may be over for some Liberals, as another one of their own faces jail amidst multiple criminal charges.  Unlawful confinement, unlawfully causing bodily harm, storage of a firearm contrary to regulations, unauthorized possession of a firearm, possession of a prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition, possession of a prohibited firearm without a license and […]

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Samra update: Ironic attack

In a most unusual move, while I was busy eating lunch, Sammy launched a preemptive attack against the my dog-owner army field guide — a book about Australian Shepherds.  Observe the surveillance photos: In this close-up, we can see where the corner of the book about her has been brutally attacked …by her.  This is […]

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Liberal Leader Micheal Ignatieff: Nation Weakener

The Liberals and Ignatieff are once again willfully weakening Canada by musing about forcing another election again.  Ignatieff is not a nation-builder.  Ignatieff is an Ignatieff builder.  A nation weakener.  His Liberals are but followers of a cold, crass, unthinking, political power monger. I’ve yet to find even an ounce of principled argument or intellectual […]

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