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Nuts OUTSIDE the U.N. today: Alec Baldwin.

Not to compare the two nuts (I mean in terms of their acting  —  Ahmadinejackass is better), but last night, Hollywood liberal and huge ass Alec Baldwin, who has actually mused about running for U.S. Senate and Mayor of New York, apparently went nuts with his Twitter account in advance of, and after, the proper […]

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Sorry about the accidental over-Tweeting problem — AGAIN

I once again (third time?) caused a Twitter-related error while working on this web site’s back-end, which resulted in hundreds of old posts being “auto-Tweeted,” one after another, non-stop, until I maxed-out my daily Twitter limit.  I think about 150 Tweets got through in about two minutes before Twitter automatically cut off my account, meaning […]

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Sorry Twitter followers!

Sorry to all for the previous Tweet festival from Hell via the @JoelJohannesen Twitter account, to which this site is attached.  That was a mistake.  When importing posts from a sister site (, the “auto-Tweet” function at BoldColors.NET was left on by mistake, and so each post was Tweeted as it was being imported. This […]

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