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Employer: Workers, please strive to go from bad to average. Workers: No way!

As posted at and, for a Canadian audience. But it speaks equally well to Americans. This tangent is a sequel to my blog entry just posted, which speaks to the power of the people in wrecking the narrative advanced by the liberal-left and/or their mainstream media division. I am rejoicing today in how […]

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Public school teachers paid twice hourly wage of private-sector workers

Today’s lesson is: how do you spell corruption? According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, teachers are now being paid twice as much as private sector workers in the United States.  And government workers generally get nearly 50% more than private-sector workers. But that’s OK because as we know, teachers do twice the work, […]

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Edward Larkin

Exposing Edward Larkin

Tenure must go. And so must Professor’s unions. If you don’t agree with me then perhaps you have yet to familiarize yourself with the case of Professor Edward Larkin. This tenured psychopath will keep his job despite exposing himself in public in front of a 17-year old girl and her mother. The University of New […]

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Unions joining anti-bailout mobs? Now we KNOW it’s just more extreme left-wing politics.

We’ve all made fun of the abject hypocrisy of some of the complete idiots in the occupied territories of New York and other cities in America, inasmuch as they are among society’s chief beneficiaries of the taxpayers and their progressive cowardly governments’ myriad social welfare programs. But we’ve simply held our noses (literally) and laughed […]

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NewsQuips for Sept 16 2011

Here’s some NewsQuips for Friday Sept 16. Keep checking as I add more through the day, maybe, usually, depending. 1. New poll: Take this union and shove it!  78% of Americans would not like to join a union. 48% think unions have outlasted usefulness, just 30% disagree. …Yet while 68% of Republicans and 54% of […]

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Unions are moving left, welcome higher taxes, because they rely on gov; But…

…It might well be asked why so many CEOs and huge corporations are also happily supporting the Left, and donating so much of their and their shareholders’ cash to Democrats  —  even the most left-wing or progressive Democrats. It’s clear to me why that is: Thanks to progressives, and short-sighted people who think with their […]

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Union Member Was F—ing Polite. Customer Was F—ing Lying.

Another big union blindly defends a union member  —  this member accused by a customer  —  a passenger on a regional transit system (Toronto’s “TTC”)  —  who saw him urinating in public while on duty in full view of at least that one passenger.  Who of course complained.  Couldn’t happen on account of our members […]

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“Conservative” gov gives Toyota 10s of millions — to maintain massive profits & competitive edge?

Why is the government  —  any government but particularly a “Conservative” government  —  giving our taxpayer cash or what they’re calling “financial  assistance” to a massive, privately-owned car company that sells billions of dollars worth of cars every year and is massively profitable on its own and is at the cutting edge of technology and […]

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Solution to the Canada Post strike: privatization – By A. Karabegovic & C. Lammam, Fraser Inst.

By Amela Karabegovic and Charles Lammam of the Fraser Institute. — With the breakdown in negotiations between Canada Post management and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, many cities across Canada have been subject to rotating strikes by the mail carriers. Naturally, it is Canadians who rely on the crown corporation for mail delivery that […]

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Obama’s Budget: More Waste, Fraud, and Self-Abuse

In a priceless formulation in his budget speech two weeks ago, Obama said that Americans look at the poor and say, “There but for the grace of God go I.” And so, in the president’s words, “we contribute to programs like Medicare and Social Security.” Except we don’t “contribute.” We are compelled under threat of […]

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Six-Figure Bus Drivers & Other Working-Class Heroes

Can we stop acting as if people who work for the government are the heroes of working people? Fine, we understand that Wisconsin public sector employees like the system that pays them an average of $76,500 per year, with splendiferous benefits, and are fighting like wildcats against any proposed reforms to that system. But it’s […]

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Uncivil Unions

As Obama rakes in historic campaign contributions from Wall Street money, liberals claim Republicans are beholden to “the rich.” However that may be, it is far more true, and far less remarked upon, that the Democratic Party is the party of public sector unions. And now, the nation watches helplessly as public sector unions and […]

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