Today is the shortest day of the year; least daylight time for government to screw things up.

Sadly, they’ll just turn on some lights, and continue to screw things up.

I sure hope the light they use comes from those ugly $40 florescent twisty enviro bulbs that don’t fit into our old standard light fixtures  —  the light fixtures that all have to be replaced, at minimally $40 a pop, now that the government is trying to make all Americans buy and use, by force of law, those stupid $40 florescent twisty enviro bulbs. Forcing, mind you, by way of their big nanny-state government laws and regulations created by them in pursuit of their idiotic political central government planning and social-engineering agendas.

Take Obama.  No I mean take him right out of the White House. That will save about $40 per second.

Today, on the shortest day of the year, his liberal media division turned on their non-florescent TV lights (I’m pretty sure the law doesn’t apply to TV cameras fixed on Obama’s mug), and gazed upon his greatness, then they obediently sat there taking notes, and drank it all in as he read, off his ridiculous teleprompters, a carefully crafted “This is exactly why people get so frustrated with Washington” piece of political bullcrap disguised as something non-partisan and  meaningful.  This, from a president who, as we’ve seen lately in lieu of actually being president and making deals and getting things done  —  like a budget  —  has chosen to spend precious hours in the past few months burning through tons of CO2 and spending countless millions of taxpayer dollars on simply flying around America on Air Force One, campaigning.  Campaigning so he can continue to maintain control over the people and their behavior and and carry on re-arranging America on his left-wing, big government terms, which has already cost Americans, now and well into the future, a huge portion of their earnings.

Seeing hyper-political politicians get up there on the big media-provided bully pulpit, and rambling off a whole lot of hyper-political crap from a teleprompter (because they’re incapable of even speaking about something they’re pretending is so important from their own heart and brain)  —  is actually “exactly why people get so frustrated with Washington.”

In actual fact, not standing on principle, and instead, doing only what’s politically expedient, even after a 2008 campaign promising to end that sort of hyper partisan political culture in Washington —  is “exactly why people get so frustrated with Washington.”

Want more light?  OK: Voting for yet another 11th-hour Band Aid solution to help save this president’s political hide, and to cover-up this president’s and his fellow Democrats’ inadequacies, like not passing a budget in over 900 days, and like this current Band Aid  —  a ridiculous two-month extension of a payroll tax holiday, instead of a full year-long extension, for political expediency  —  is “exactly why people get so frustrated with Washington.”

Not jumping  —  for political reasons  —  on the biggest and most obvious and legitimate “shovel-ready project,” the Keystone pipeline project, which would help end American dependance on unethical oil from lousy foreign sources  —  sources that clearly don’t even like America or Americans … is what Americans are sick and tired of. The Keystone pipeline project is one which would be financed by private investors instead of more so-called “stimulus” cash bilked from current and future American taxpayers and borrowed from communists in China.

Democrats suddenly calling payroll taxes “taxes”  —  instead of what they have been trying to call their Obamacare taxes (“premiums” or “payroll deductions,” for political expediency) just so that they can now dub them a Obama “tax break” (for pure political expediency), is “exactly why people get so frustrated with Washington.”

40-dollar BS banner

Click to see the graphics from -- the government web site now being used for partisan political gain.

He muttered on and on, this morning, to the useful idiots, about what $40 means to average American workers, in a pure political play. This, after overseeing the blowing, by Democrats, of at least $5 TRILLION of future taxpayers’ cash and essentially making $40 of workers’ cash a mere millisecond’s worth of  interest on what is the Obama debt, for decades to come. To say nothing of the $40 light bulb.

In his now typical hyper political ramble, in which he blasts politicians for being “political” and “partisan,” he summarily blasted only the Republicans  —  not the Democrats, and not himself  — for their  —  not his  —  failure to make a deal.  Failing  —  as he was busy campaigning. Failure to come to an agreement to pass his half-ass but mostly idiotic bill to extend a payroll tax holiday for two months instead of a year, which, even at a year, wouldn’t do much to change the job creation sentiment in America, which is what he says this is about.  He says their failure  —  not his  —  to make a deal and pass his bill will result in Americans losing $40 per paycheck. He’s right about the $40 but wrong about everything else.

This deceptive, hyper-partisan speech, from a guy who has never written a paycheck in his life, and has lived almost entirely off one government or government-subsidized payroll or another, and after his massively media-covered shopping trip yesterday —  which included his blowing $40 on Seasonal Greetings and Festivus crap for his freaking dog, which we were led to believe was in Hawaii on vacation with Michelle, but which he suddenly had at his side with him for a photo-op to make out as if he’s just an average Joe. (Was the dog flown back for the photo-op? That would have cost something more like $4,000.)

Then he was shown blowing another $40 buying three pizzas to take home. To the White House. You know, like the pizzas the First Lady has spent nearly the past three years lecturing us about not eating, and advancing all manner of government policies and mandates and regulations to get pizzas out of our homes and out of our schools.

He is “exactly why people get so frustrated with Washington.”

And this was the shortest day of the year.


UPDATE:  I read today where Obama’s vacay in Hawaii will cost taxpayers $4 MILLION.  That’s 100,000 times $40.


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One Response to Today is the shortest day of the year; least daylight time for government to screw things up.

  1. Olive Foppe Thursday January 19, 2012 at 6:32 am at 6:32 AM #

    Basically… I have been swayed to the economic doom-and-gloomers concerning the economy. Has someone observed a glimmer of belief throughout this “slow-down”?