Who’s BS-ing whom? Hint: Obama is BS-ing. You. Again.

Regarding President Obama and his recent attempts to project (again) and blame Republicans for trying to freak out Americans with dire warnings of a sequester-related cataclysmic apocalypse after he was the one who explicitly tried to freak out America by warning of a coming cataclysmic apocalypse (i.e., Obama lied)…

Jim Geraghty of the National Review, in his daily briefing, emailed this summary of Republican compromises already given. You can use this to further enbitchen your “I’ll believe anything Obama and his mainstream media division tell me” liberal friends when they make the phony Obamatron claim (i.e. Obama lie) that Republicans won’t compromise and are just “looking out for the rich.”

(Klein is Ezra Klein, writing at Washington Post)

There’s a fairly key point that Klein keeps glossing over: Republicans feel they just made a concession on tax hikes — gobs and gobs of them, in fact:

Tax increases the fiscal cliff deal allowed:

1. Payroll Tax: increase in the Social Security portion of the payroll tax from 4.2 percent to 6.2 percent for workers. This hits all Americans earning a paycheck—not just the “wealthy.” For example, The Wall Street Journal calculated that the “typical U.S. family earning $50,000 a year” will lose “an annual income boost of $1,000.”

2. Top marginal tax rate: increase from 35 percent to 39.6 percent for taxable incomes over $450,000 ($400,000 for single filers).

3. Phase out of personal exemptions for adjusted gross income (AGI) over $300,000 ($250,000 for single filers).

4. Phase down of itemized deductions for AGI over $300,000 ($250,000 for single filers).

5. Tax rates on investment: increase in the rate on dividends and capital gains from 15 percent to 20 percent for taxable incomes over $450,000 ($400,000 for single filers).

6. Death tax: increase in the rate (on estates larger than $5 million) from 35 percent to 40 percent.

7. Taxes on business investment: expiration of full expensing—the immediate deduction of capital purchases by businesses.

Obamacare tax increases that took effect:

8. Another investment tax increase: 3.8 percent surtax on investment income for taxpayers with taxable income exceeding $250,000 ($200,000 for singles).

9. Another payroll tax hike: 0.9 percent increase in the Hospital Insurance portion of the payroll tax for incomes over $250,000 ($200,000 for single filers).

10. Medical device tax: 2.3 percent excise tax paid by medical device manufacturers and importers on all their sales.

11. Reducing the income tax deduction for individuals’ medical expenses.

12. Elimination of the corporate income tax deduction for expenses related to theMedicare Part D subsidy.

13. Limitation of the corporate income tax deduction for compensation that health insurance companies pay to their executives.

Some Republicans feel you should go, I don’t know, at least a couple of months between tax increases.

But let’s back up a bit to that just looking out for “the rich” meme: This idiotic construct, trademarked by lying liberals and the entire progressive left, Democrats and their mainstream media division alike, about Republicans just wanting to protect “the rich” is, as I’ve written before, impossible to take seriously, if you’re trying to be even a little bit intellectually honest.

Take the political pragmatism of such a principle as a starting point. Some polls indicate that Americans would be just fine with raising taxes on the rich. This is mainly because of yet another progressive-created problem, which is that about 45% of Americans (the lower-income half) now don’t even pay income taxes, so why wouldn’t they be “for” raising taxes and getting more “free” goodies in return?

And why would Republicans adopt a stance so brazenly against popular opinion? They want to win elections, don’t they?

Secondly, how on earth do liberals explain that roughly half the country  —  mostly not rich  —  support and vote for Republicans, despite this (mythical) notion that Republicans don’t even look out for them, but rather just the top 1%.

In truth, and in both cases, Republicans and their supporters are looking out not for the rich, but rather for what’s right, what’s fair, and what’s best for America. They know that taxing “the rich” (which as we’ve found out is a moving target) is nothing but Pablum for the masses. They know that you could take 100% of “the rich’s” income away from them, and it would do virtually nothing to solve the debt and deficit problem, whatsoever. They know that profligate, progressive politicians and governments and their spending is the problem.

There are any number of additional details one can add to the relative propriety of the Republicans’ current stance. For example, raising taxes  —  especially on job-producers  —  especially during a time of economic recession, is demonstrably stupid economics and policy.

Also, they know that a lack of “revenue” or taxation isn’t the problem with America, at least insofar as tax rates on upper income earners, it’s the big nanny-state government spending, as per Europe’s problems. And for that matter, it’s the problem in most American households as well. And in that latter case, the solution isn’t to demand more income from your boss, or to borrow money from the Chinese people, it’s to adjust one’s spending.

So possibly, Republicans adopted this principle of halting the incessant raising of taxes on anybody and demanding a whack of spending cuts instead, because it’s what’s right, and it shows leadership to sometimes take unpopular stands, when it’s so clearly what’s right. But Obama isn’t about what’s right, he’s about what’s left. He’s about politics. He’s about what’s expedient. So he’ll BS his way through it to get it. It’s what greasy unprincipled politicians do. Alas, there are just enough useful idiots to achieve his dreams.

Which reminds me of the idiot comic and actor Chris Rock. and what he said recently, which was: “[The] president of the United States is our boss, but he is also… you know, the president and the first lady are kinda like the mom and the dad of the country. And when your dad says something you listen, and when you don’t it will usually bite you on the ass later on. So, I’m here to support the president.”

Oh dear.

Chris_Rock, idiot; surrounded by pop idiot stars

Chris Rock, idiot; surrounded by pop idiot stars as he proclaims Barack Obama is our boss, and Barack and Michelle Obama are our mom and dad. This is what Obama’s BS-ing creates — perfect useful idiots like this.

Not to legitimize by further commenting on it, in fact quite the opposite, but I think Chris Rock is, at best, confused as to who is behaving like a good mom and dad, and who is behaving like a greasy, lying politician  —  one who is willing to do or say anything to garner favor and “likes” on his political Facebook page. Rock’s analogy is an absolutely wrong-headed, contra-American, anti-constitutional, truly asinine, and a wildly juvenile comparison of Barack and Michelle Obama to our mom and dad (and “our boss”?!  — see Kurt Schlichter’s take on that doozy).

As I remember it, we learned in life to respect our mom and dad not because they gave us everything we wanted for free, but because they did not. They used their wisdom and experience and they judiciously gave us what was best for us, even if we hated it. We did not have to like them for it and in fact we hated them for it right though our teen years, and our parents knew it, but they carried on regardless. At some point, and sometimes contemporaneously, we knew our parents were right, even though it hurt us on some level at the time. That’s what good moms and dads do. They certainly never grabbed $50 out of our sister’s purse simply on the basis that she had it, and gave it to us so we could buy candy on the basis that me and my brother wanted stuff and didn’t have $50.

I mention this Chris Rock lunacy to mock him and his sycophancy. He is an actor who, if I didn’t know better, was simply doing an amazing rendition of the perfect useful idiot. And it’s people like Chris Rock and those pop celebrities who surrounded him on a stage as he made those remarks, whom Obama seems to have so affected  —  people who buy the Obama BS so wholly  —  who make me worry.


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