It’s picayune yes!  Get over it!  But it’s Friday so we allow for this sort of thing.

Now.  I’ve mentioned before how this particular anchor at the state-owned media, the CBC, seems to have rejected the idea of wearing the traditional tie and jacket, choosing instead to wear stylin’ sweater vests and other vests and, well, anything but a traditional tie and jacket.  As we know, the CBC is ever so modern and progressive, and doesn’t even want to look conservative, lest the taint of nefarious conservatism creep in somehow like a hidden agenda might.  (Some days it’s quite funny as the entire CBC people’s revolutionary army  —  sorry the “news” team  —  are all wearing one variation or another of sweater vests or fishing vests.)

The moment I saw what he was wearing today, the image of Kim Jong Il, à la Team America, with his full-on commie-wear popped into my noggin (‘cept he’s wearin’ a tie!).

It’s all so horribly apropos, right down the chiron which reads “SOCIAL REVOLUTION” (pace “PEOPLE’S REVOLUTION” or “CULTURAL REVOLUTION”), in that communist, North Korean, socialism/communism is beautiful, state-owned media, CBC kind of way.