A disturbing picture of Obama & Sebelius exchanging bodily fluids, as it were


I hope that in addition to forcing insurance companies to provide “free” contraceptives to further enable the important “health care” and insurance issue known as careless recreational sex, Obamacare’s grand plan also provides “free” mouthwash or wads of free, fresh minty chewing gum (or at least free Tic Tacs) to all the people in order to make for safer kissing.

After all, Obamacare provides for the staving-off of more of those nasty, nefarious “health care” outcomes like the dreaded pregnancy disease, and sundry ill-health and sicknesses like babies, which often ultimately results from just the kind of presidential and underling lip-on-lip face-sucking exchange, as exhibited by the President and his like-minded late-term abortion-supporting “Health and Human Services” secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Picture accompanying an article at NationalReview.com (credit source unknown):

Presiednt Obama and Kathline Sebelius exchange some bodily fluids after a manage a deux news conference
President Obama and his Kathleen Sebelius (Health and Human Services secretary) exchange some bodily fluids, after a Ménage à deux news conference.

UPDATE: An emailer suggests that perhaps I am so stupid that I think pregnancy can occur from kissing. Yes he or she is right. I do think that. I’m just that stupid.


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