So we’re all terrorists now at Sun News. I had no idea!

I thought I was someone who deplored and condemned terror, who believed in turning the other cheek, and who tried to read, write and think his way through contemporary problems.

My colleagues at the television network seemed rather similar — gentle souls mostly, some with fierce opinions, but none supportive of violence and terror. But, it seems, I got it all wrong.

It must be so, because some genius who taught journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto has told us so.

His name is John Miller and he decided to write about a fun weekend my friend Ezra Levant has planned for Sun News hosts and supporters who want to pay to attend.

Former Toronto Star journalist Miller writes: “Makes you wonder when was the last time a group of ideological warriors went north to train in the backwoods and plot to storm Parliament, blow up the CBC, seize the airwaves and spread terror across the land. Oh yeah, the Toronto 18 did that.

“Didn’t police arrest the lot of them and call them the gravest threat to our democracy? I think a weekend with Ezra and friends could be something just like that.

“The only thing that sets them apart from the Muslim extremists is that Sun Media will be charging you admission.”

Now I have to admit I’d not heard of Miller before this and he posted this dross at the end of last year — the fact nobody seemed to know about the post until this week rather testifies to his lack of profile.

Mind you, his website is worth a read.

Other than proving the man is an appalling writer, it’s also so bursting with hubris I initially thought it was a parody.

He tells us, “my unique journalism experience makes me sought after as an expert witness in legal proceedings” and “I am also an award-winning writer.”

He calls himself the Journalism Doctor. Seriously, this is fun stuff.

But while comedy is good, some people and ideas are not. Miller has worked closely and often with the Canadian Islamic Congress, whose most famous leader and voice was Mohamed Elmasry.

He, of course, was the man who in 2004 explained on my former television show that every Israeli over the age of 18, be they Jewish, Muslim, Christian, male, female, gay, straight, black, white, pacifist, or warrior, was a valid target for death.

So Miller seems to have some strange allies, making his accusation that we at Sun News are terrorists a little strange to say the least.

Frankly, however, Miller really doesn’t matter.

What does is that this typifies the approach of the left, of the establishment, towards any media they find objectionable.

Rather than welcoming free speech and the open, intelligent exchange of ideas, they seek to control and silence, or simply abuse.

We’ve all seen it before and we’ll see it again.

Ezra’s event is called a Freedom Weekend, and the word freedom is there for a reason. Fight for your liberty because there are metaphorical terrorists out there who want to take it away from you.