I actually saved the report in my video files for historic purposes.

Here’s a screen capture.

Call me cynical, but in covering the fully exposed Weiner story and exposing even his political alliance (Democrat!) I have a feeling that now that the Conservatives have earned a majority, the state-owned, state-funded, socialism-reliant CBC is covering its huge, flatulent ass, figuratively speaking, and is trying to appear as though they’re not a far-left, anti-Conservative and not an anti-conservative, agenda-driving political tool (ahem) of the political and social left in Canada.

Of course being the professionals that they are, they couldn’t help but go with the cheap joke, and in fact giggled through the report, engaging in a full-on  pretend-lament that alas his name was Weiner, and so on.


Of course speaking of covering asses, they forgot to cover this one a short time ago.  Well “forgot” or “purposely did this in order to get cheap-ass ratings”  — whatever.  The asses at CBC are the ones who helpfully exposed (even if pixilated, it’s still barf-worthy) the copious ass of the man I have since dubbed Bare-Ass Bob Rae —  currently the interim leader of their beloved Liberal Party  —  on one of their nationally-broadcast and taxpayer-funded “entertainment” shows.

Bare-Ass Bob Rae - currently Liberal leader - as broadcast on the state-owned CBC.