Antidotes to left-wing Obama-apologist stupidity at CBC —free at citizen-owned and paid-for PTBC!

This CBC-related blog post reminds me of my post from yesterday where I pointed to our fantastic PTBC columnist Ann Coulter and her latest superb column, which was followed almost immediately by an unwittingly Ann Coulter hilarious report from the United Nations regarding exactly what she was properly railing about, thus not only confirming what she said, but laughingly so.  Read Chairman Ann’s column first, I said, then the story about the U.N. report.  And the good times they a-rolled, baby!  (Let’s just say.)

Well today we get to play that game again!  Yay!  This time, though, it’s got a darker edge to it.  I actually have to ask you to read something at the left-wing, state-owned, socialism-reliant and taxpayer-funded CBC web site — one of the most left-wing web sites in all of North America —first.  This of course pains me to no end as you can imagine.  Only then should you take the antidote and read a couple of things at the tremendous  Astute observers will note that this twist on our usually fun game steers you away from this web site using all manner of hypertext linkage, for at least a little while.  This is most unfortunate.  But on the plus side, at least I’m not, and you’re not, paying for Townhall or PTBC with my, and your, tax dollars.  And, as a bonus, we will learn something and enjoy ourselves, I promise.

Feel free to enjoy a beer or a fancy cocktail while playing!  Take a sip every time a leftist blames conservatives for their own stupidity and lack of ability to sell Americans their hard-left claptrap!  It’s Friday after all, and I can tell you for a fact that Ann Coulter would play along.

This version of our game is built around the ever-arrogant, state-owned CBC’s “reporter” – (slash) – yet another left-wing political opinion columnist who is working on behalf of the state-owned media and you, Neil Macdonald, whom I just referred to this past Monday.  He once again lashes out at any damn thing conservative and sane, on the state-owned peoples’ all left-wing politics, all the time web site.  At your expense Neil Macdonaldand mine.  See previous installment.  It bears an amazingly coincidental semblance to this most recent left-wing political opinion column by Neil Macdonald, on the state-owned taxpayer-funded web site, in its news section.

I usually try not to provide the CBC with increased readership at my own expense, largely because they don’t pay me for all the extra readership (which they’d have to pay me with my own money, which is of course preposterous, but that’s how the CBC works);  and because they literally exist to stand against everything you and I stand for (which is also preposterous, but that’s socialism and big government for you).  But this time I will begrudgingly provide a helpful link, because this Neil Macdonald rant actually provides sane Canadians like us with a valuable service, which is that it’s exemplary of the difference between, on the one hand, unthinking liberal-leftist and rabidly anti-conservative ideologues who are paid by the state and one of its tentacles, and on the other, normal conservatives who earn their own keep the honest way.  So we might be getting something for our money in this one case. 

And so (God help me), go to the CBC and read it first.  Helpful reminder: consume alcohol!).

And then for a funny and unwittingly and fortuitously-timed antidotal rebuke, read the columns of two real brilliant thinkers: Charles Krauthammer (“Ungovernable? Nonsense.”); Charles Krauthammer Jonah Goldberg and Jonah Goldberg (“Pick an Excuse, Any Excuse”). 

Game time will only last about 10 minutes (so drink fast), but by playing it, even drunk, you will quickly learn more about the difference between unthinking, ideological left-wing sycophants who seem to strain to appeal to the unintelligent (it is the CBC, after all), and the more clear-thinking conservative thinkers, than you will in even 12 minutes’ worth of regular daily PTBC reading.  And one of the key goals of PTBC is to help explain the difference between liberals and conservatives.  So, you know, cheers.

The cognitive dissonance contained within the likes of the distasteful Neil Macdonald part of our game reminds me of the “man-made global warming”, and the inevitable Climategate story which naturally followed, which proved outright fraud, among other left-wing ideologically-based deceptions.  And also about President Liberal Fascism Barack Obama and his administration’s political deceptions, outright lies, the false blame-game (miraculously identical in tone and substance and talking points to that of the CBC’s Neil Macdonald), and their phony history-re-writes, writ large.  And it could all be boiled in the pot of intellectual goodness found in Jonah Goldberg’s fantastic, huge New York Times best-selling book, Liberal Fascism, which speaks directly to all of this, and how this is a part of the progressive mantra:  demonize or even criminalize the opposition as best they can, enlisting and using the media, particularly state-owned media if possible, in lieu of actually making sense and selling your own ideas in an intellectually honest manner.

So as always, I’ll use this as another excuse to repeat my own little mantra with regard to the CBC:  What kind of government competes against its own citizens in business for profits, and especially in the forum of ideas and moreover, in the forum of political ideas?  That’s right.  So clearly, state-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion should be enshrined in our constitution. 

Once again please note that PTBC, which costs taxpayers nothing and yet tries to compete against the left-wing idiocy found at the state-owned CBC, is chock-a-block full of clear-thinking conservative-friendly columnists who, like me, don’t work for and get paid by the state at your expense and mine, but rather at my own expense in time and money, and theirs.  Thank you for playing our little game.

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