Obama’s VA Secretary Shinseki resigns; Obama’s spokesmodel Jay Carney resigns.

Shinseki resigns

Eric_ShinsekiZeke_Miller-2014-05-30_084042– Obama claims that he’s accepting Shinseki’s resignation “because he would be a distraction.” (THAT’s why?)

– Claims the problem “predates his presidency” (AKA blame Bush). Thinks that excuses him from responsibility, after campaigning in 2008 on being the guy who could fix the VA, and a full six years later, seeing it all fall apart under his own management.

– Asked by a reporter why he didn’t accept Tammy_Bruce-2014-05-30_083726Sebelius’s resignation too  — asks if this isn’t a “political” calculation. Whether Shinseki is simply a “scape goat.” Obama’s answer: gobbledegook.

– Obama appears even to the media asking questions to have lost all credibility.


Jay Carney also quits

Jay_CarneyObama announces Carney is out, to be replaced by Josh Earnest.

Considered Jack Truth, but too obvious.