I simply don’t recall a President of the United States that is so deceitful, so self-centered, so self-preserving, so divisive, and so hyper-political.  And nobody spots it and frames it up for us better than the great Charles Krauthammer.

This is from the Washington Post this week:

Bad luck? Bad faith?

By , Published: August 18

“We had reversed the recession, avoided a depression, got the economy moving again… But over the last six months, we’ve had a run of bad luck.”
— President Obama, Decorah, Iowa, Aug. 15

A troubled nation wonders: How did we get mired in 9.1 percent unemployment, 0.9 percent growth and an economic outlook so bad that the Federal Reserve pledges to keep interest rates at zero through mid-2013 — an admission that it sees little hope on the horizon?

Bad luck, explains our president. Out of nowhere came Japan and its supply-chain disruptions, Europe and its debt problems, the Arab Spring and those oil spikes. Kicked off, presumably, by various acts of God (should He not be held accountable too?): earthquake and tsunami. (Tomorrow: pestilence and famine. Maybe frogs.) …

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…but mostly Obama callously blames half the country: Republicans.  Yes those whom Obama says (and Krauthammer points out), are nothing short of treasonous, on account of their not agreeing with Obama’s extreme left-wing “progressive” agenda.