I did pay attention. Mostly because I find it audacious to presume to call me “Joel” when he doesn’t even know who in tarnation I am.

It was also because whenever Bill Clinton speaks, I find it sort of risible and contemptible (unlike when Barack Obama speaks, which I find irksome, full of lies, and animosity toward much of America).

When Bill Clinton starts a lecture with the words “I hope you’ll pay attention,” it naturally causes a reflex reaction in me. I mean aside from the gag reflex in which I cough up a little something. The very instant I started reading it, I thought of his scraggly figure pointed at me and at America, and his infamous lie about having sex with his underling in the White House, which I’m sure he did as a sign of his great respect for women, as all Democrats do, in his non-War On Women while he was President of the United States:

“I wanna say one thing… I want you to listen to me. I’m gonna say this again.

“I did not, have, sexual relations with that woman…”

His email to me began like this (imagine his scraggly figure pointing at me):

“I hope you’ll pay attention, Joel.

“That’s because it will immediately be put to use — if your $5 (for example) goes toward hiring an organizer in Akron, Ohio, she’ll have more time to do her job and reach more voters. And that’s how elections are won.”

She’ll have more time to “do her job,” huh? I know how certain “jobs” are of great concern to you, “Bill.”