The Who had it right with their iconic song. “I’m a boy, I’m a boy, but my ma won’t admit it, I’m a boy, I’m a boy, but if I say I am I get it.”

Recently we had the case of a lesbian couple indoctrinating their little boy that he was a girl, to the point of giving him puberty-delaying drugs.

Now we have a less severe, but equally worrying case in Denver, Colo., where a seven-year-old, Bobby Montoya, has won the right to join the Girl Scouts. His mother has told the press that little Bobby has always self-identified as a girl, and that he plays with dolls, dresses in girl’s clothes and keeps his shoulder-length hair neatly combed.

Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel with their son. Photo courtesy of CNN.

OK love, here’s some advice. Cut his hair, take away his hairbrush, burn the girl’s clothes, and throw away the dolls. It’s not brain surgery you know. Mind you, it is brain manipulation.

We’ve seen it over and over again — the strong mothers, the weak or absent father, the challenges of birth order, the sister as a role model. None of this is new, but in the past we could comment on it. Now, if laypeople do, they are accused of homophobia, and if doctors do, they can lose their medical license. In this particular case, the mother has encouraged, or allowed through indifference, her son’s eccentric, if not dangerous, behaviour.

That she then pushed to have him become a Girl Scout, then spoke so vociferously to the media, and had her son do the same, leads us to believe that it’s not indifference, but an agenda.

Look, kids want to be Superman, Batman, dinosaurs, dogs and cats, anything, everything. They also want to play with matches, run into the road, do any number of things that might hurt them. It’s our job as parents to lovingly control this behaviour, not to selfishly encourage it.

We know that children are not sufficiently mature, for example, to vote, drink or drive a car, but we suddenly think they are qualified to decide what gender they are! There is no such thing as self-identification — it’s a modernist phrase invented by activists and sexual extremists to legitimize their neuroses, supported by bogus psychiatrists to extend their influence and field of alleged expertise.

Nobody is asking, in this latest case, how the girls in the Scouts group feel, and you can be assured that those girls, or their parents, who are not at all comfortable will be told that they are threatened, old-fashioned, and that they and not the boy and his ridiculous mother are the problem here.

We are meant to raise children, but now we experiment with them. We are meant to love children, but instead we indulge ourselves by indulging them. We cannot change our gender, even with surgery and drugs. All we can do is kick out against reality, glorifying some push-me-pull-you creation of weird science and weirder morality. This poor child needs our help and compassion, but instead he’s become another casualty in the war against childhood.

One day we’ll know just how wrong we were, but for some it will be too late.