BREAKING: Ohio mass shooter…. oh nevermind….


Have you ever seen huge news story disappear so fast?

cnn-student-attack-2016-11-29_091258Nothing in recent memory has vanished quite as quickly as the story of a “another” “mass shooter” at a university campus. CNN spent two weeks with 148 expert panelists discussing how Donald Trump said something mean to an overweight beauty pageant winner. But this story? Vanished after two hours.

I knew right away when CNN and MSNBC cut away to another story about Trump’s latest tweet, that the Ohio State University suspect was not a “right-wing” nutbar, the weapon used was not an AR-15 “assault rifle,” he was not a “white supremacist,” and he was not “alt-right” nor even a (deplorable – wink!)  “Trump supporter.” Otherwise, they’d still be on it. All over it.

No instead, I figured, the guy’s name was way more likely to be either Muhammad or Abdul, he was going to be a Muslim, and the story might not involve guns, but might involve Islamist jihadist terrorism, and he might be a refugee from a Muslim country. Turns out his name is Abdul, he’s a refugee from Somalia, he used his SUV and a butcher knife, and it was all about jihad and killing “a billion infidels.”

Network coverage over.

Of course when you do your own searching (because there’s nothing on TV about it except a bit on Fox News Channel), you find lots of interesting information, aside from killing “a billion infidels” (CNN: “yawn”). What struck me, reading his Facebook post, was that he sounds exactly like half the millennial snowflakes on U.S. campuses today. (And unlike the many students across the U.S. who had to take a stress day off due to Trump winning the election: here’s word from Ohio State University posted after the terrorist attack: “5:09 p.m.:  UPDATE: All classes on the Columbus campus will resume normal schedule as of Tuesday, November 29th.”)

Jim Geraghty had a great line in his Morning Jolt this morning:

Is this guy a jihadist? Sure. Even worse, he’s a whiny Millennial jihadist, who thinks that everything in life is so uniquely unfair to him, and that he’s unjustly victimized everywhere he goes.

Fact check: True.

I can understand the liberal Trump-hating media suddenly finding itself having to avoid referring to Trump’s seemingly prescient campaign remarks about the potential dangers of Somali refugees immigrating to the U.S. en masse without extreme screening, but this Tweeter had a good Washington Post-mocking take on it: