The Twitter and conservative blog world is alive today as it brings much-needed attention to the convicted Speedway bomber Brett Kimberlin, who some have credibly labeled as another liberal left-wing domestic terrorist.
Brett Kimberlin

Note the usual connections Brett Kimberlin has or is at least credibly alleged to have to left-wing thugs like billionaire George Soros and the Tides organization, among the other usual left-wing thug suspects and their organized mobs.

Needless to say, much as the liberals and their trusty mainstream news media division has ignored overt threats and insults to nearly all conservatives, especially conservative women like S.E. Cupp, they are trying their hardest to ignore and bury all references to Brett Kimberlin too. So I’m happy to help destroy that bit of their perfidy today.

In a word, and this is putting it mildly to say the least, liberal left-winger Brett Kimberlin has taken to harassing conservatives on Twitter and in blog comments, made threats of law suits, and is making every effort to destroy reputations; and in some cases, allegedly at least (but get a load of the evidence) come after them in their personal lives and their homes, literally affecting the very lives of several bloggers’ entire families (read Patterico, below).

For a good round-up of what’s going on, see these posts:

Here’s a helpful video by Lee Stranahan: