According to Barack Hussein Obama, Joel Johannesen did not build this site, but only saw it through to its fruition thanks to the benevolence of government (Barack Hussein Obama idiocy tour, 2012).

All of that socialist claptrap notwithstanding, I’m still using this site to whimsically seek to become one of Barack Obama’s fabled, evil, “millionaires and billionaires,” so please pre-order our former columnist Ann Coulter’s newest book “Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama” through our – link. It will be her 9th New York Times best-seller.

Even though Ann Coulter doesn’t like Barack Obama, it’s not racist to not like him (despite what lying liberal demagogues repeat over and over). It’s just astute, right thinking! And for now at least, government does still allow conservatives to say things, and write them down, then sell the thoughts after publishing them; and it’s thanks once again to the benevolent government that you can buy them from private retailers like (but pay the sales tax!). Thanks government!

So it’s really thanks to government that Ann Coulter could write the book, and you can buy it, and all of this has come together thanks to the state. So we’re good.


Ann Coulter: 'MUGGED'


(A shout-out to Al Gore for inventing the internet. Which he apparently did on his own.)

*Canadians buy it here*