While liberals in the U.S. keep up their fight to increase the government’s meddling and control over lives and businesses and families, the governing Conservative Party in Canada has finally reached the penultimate conclusion to one of its dreams  —  and a long-standing election promises —  to scrap that nations’ ridiculous “long gun registry.”

That registry was the creation of a liberal-left and very progressive nanny-state government  —  previously controlled by the Liberal Party. A vote to scrap the registry just passed in parliament, with virtually all the Liberals and the socialists in the opposition socialist NDP party voting against the bill to scrap it.

Apart from it being another obvious abrogation of Canadians’ liberties, which the long-gun registry was, it was a massive left-wing political boondoggle.  It was another phoney liberal-progressive, big nanny-state government response to a problem which never really existed. It was always nothing more than doctrinaire liberal-leftist ideology, and nothing more than yet another “advance” in their Fabian socialist politics, which rejected common sense, science, and substance  — just as in the case of their failed North Korean-style “health care” system. The registry was (and the “health care” system is) a typical liberal or progressive government failure and, in a word, a farce.

But I bring this additional tidbit up often because it’s important to note, especially because the liberals in and out of their media division continue to deceitfully obfuscate: Canadians still have to take a federally-regulated firearms safety course, and then register themselves and go through an extensive and very personal application process complete with police checks and criminal background checks and even a friends and neighbors check (and get this  —  they have to get their spouse to “approve” it and physically sign-off on it) before being gun-Beretta 92FS S maxigranted a license to purchase any guns, or ammunition, or even have guns in their possession (as they might if, say, their dad had given a hunting rifle to them as a gift).

I have taken the courses in Canada, and I am licensed to purchase and possess firearms in Canada  —   both long guns as well as the so-called “restricted” weapons which include semi-automatic handguns. My wife joined me and also enjoys those same licenses. Just so you know.

I’m also a proud member of the NRA.

It’s also important to note that handguns still have to be registered in Canada, as has been the case for some decades. That registry is equally as stupid.

Canada still has a long way to go. Canadians are still supposed to wait for police to come and protect them after they’ve been killed. Or after being raped, or are being mugged or robbed at knife or gun-point, or after someone is found to be breaking into their home at night to rape or abscond with their children. Pull a gun against evil people even in defense of yourself, your family, or your home or business, and you’ll likely be arrested, and there’s a good chance you’ll go to jail in Canada. Which makes sense only to a liberal, apparently.

But this is a move in the right direction, and I’m celebrating.