Point de bascule, or the tipping point, is a Montreal-based French language webmagazine. It is dedicated to explore and expose Islamist activities in our midst, particularly in Quebec.

Point de bascule is the creation of Marc Lebuis, a remarkable French-Canadian with a passionate interest in global affairs and a deep concern about the dangers of Islamism to his country.

Last Thursday, Point de bascule held a press conference open to the mainstream media and public to discuss the latest lecture tour of Tariq Ramadan in Montreal and Ottawa sponsored by Islamist organizations, such as the various chapters of the Muslim Association of Canada, for fundraising purposes.

In making full disclosure here, I was invited by Marc Lebuis to join four other individuals in exploring the ramifications for us of the transnational political movement that Tariq Ramadan represents, and how Quebec is exceedingly vulnerable in the systematic penetration of Canada by Islamists.

Joining me were Tarek Fatah, the well-known author and journalist from Toronto, and Ariless Bouktit, a Canadian of Algerian origin. By webcast Zuhdi Jasser from the U.S. and Naser Khader from Denmark joined us in Montreal.

Jasser is of Syrian-Arab origin and a retired officer from the U.S. Navy practising medicine in Arizona. Khader is also of Syrian-Arab origin and a member of the Danish parliament. All five of us are of Muslim faith.

Tariq Ramadan is the grandson of Hasan al-Banna (1906-49), the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood. MB is the oldest and most powerful Islamist organization in the Arab world with deep pockets — resources donated by followers and petrodollar rulers in the Middle East.

The ingenuity of al-Banna was to organize MB as a social movement with a political mission by appropriating Islam as its ideological flag. The political mission is to establish shariah-based rule in the Muslim world.

MB’s mission in the West is to gain recognition from governments as the sole authoritative representative of Islam and with this seal of approval, provided on the basis of multiculturalism, build segregated enclaves for Muslims where shariah directives prevail.

Tariq Ramadan is the charming face of this transnational movement operating out of the Islamic Centre in Geneva, Switzerland, founded by his father Said Ramadan.

Said Ramadan was the most earnest student, disciple and son-in-law of Hasan al-Banna, and the mission of the Geneva-based Islamic Centre is to propagate the ideology of MB in Europe and beyond. Tariq, with his older brother Hani Ramadan, inherited the centre as family business after their father’s death in 1995.

Caroline Fourest, a remarkable French journalist, spent a few years studying the spoken and written words of Tariq Ramadan.

Her incisive and revealing expose of this forked-tongue charmer titled Brother Tariq: The Doublespeak of Tariq Ramadan —has deprived the mainstream journalists in French and English Canada of excuses that they do not know who the real Tariq Ramadan and Islamists are.

Marc Lebuis and Point de bascule are truly the David in this mighty difficult contest with the Goliath — the MB and their petrodollar support — that would not be the case if the mainstream media and our political representatives were doing their job.