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CBC reports on Canadian soldier’s death in Afghanistan: Vile CBC readers express HATE for him; HATE.


“THIS IS WHAT YOU DESERVE” says one CBC reader.  APPROVED by the CBC.  The CBC is apparently completely out of control. 

UPDATE –  NOTE from Joel: I’m updating as new CBC comments are posted …
SUNDAY JULY 20 UPDATE: I’m done.  I can’t stand to read any more.  There over 450 comments there now, and my paltry few examples shown here are enough to exemplify the quality of the comments there.  You can go to the CBC site to read the rest.  There are actually some good ones of course, in addition to these select horrid ones. 

This may be bold, but I think by taking all the time that I did to expose these CBC reader comments, I’ve performed an altruistic service in the national interest, here.  That was certainly my intent.  I imagine many people are surprised or completely shocked that such comments are being made at the CBC web site of all places, in such numbers, and with such uniformity of attitude and style.  On the other hand, I suppose I’ve also given tons of free advertising the CBC web site, and many more of their like-minded will likely go there now that they see what they can get away with, and how easy it is to advance their world view, their politics, their atheism, etc., and the CBC site will probably get more hits now than before;  and more conservatives will go there now to explore more of what I’ve exposed here (…and then do nothing, as usual…).  So it’s a win-win for the CBC, and pretty much a lose-lose for me.  Great, huh? 

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On news of another brave Canadian soldier’s death today, the hate-filled far-left CBC readers snap into their goose-stepping hate-filled rants and drop comment bombs of hate all over the sad story.  I imagine they hope that the Canadian soldier’s family read the comments, so they can fully drink in the hate that these CBC readers —and the moderators who approved the posts—feel for them and what they’re doing for you and me and our country. 

One CBC fan and reader named Communist4Ever wrote:

Communist4Ever wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 10:39 AM ET

No sympathy whatsoever for this guy or any other soldier killed in Afghanistan. You want to go play with guns and go to foreign countries to murder innocent people? Then this is what you deserve.  And before all you neo-cons out there start telling me to show respect for people “guarding my freedom” and other such nonsense, save it.  The soldiers are nothing but common war criminals doing the bidding of their political masters in Washington.

CBC approved that message.  Communist4Ever wasn’t done yet though. 

Communist4Ever wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 11:18 AM ET

”… I AM opposed to illegal invasion & occupation of Afghanistan by the USA, Canada and all other Western countries. …”

[he followed that up with…]

“Sorry dude, I have no compassion for this man because (in my view) there is nothing wrong with a people fighting to defend themselves against a foreign invader. After all, all is fair in love & war, isn’t it? This guy joined the army because he thought it might be “fun” to play with guns, and shoot at civilians. Why would I feel bad for him?”

After someone suggested he cool his jets, he later (2008/07/19 at 11:57 AM ET) re-assured us that “No, I’d rather stay here and bring communism to Canada.”

We’re sure what he meant to say “I’m very sorry to the family and friends of Cpl. James Hayward Arnal for this great loss…”, but he was simply overcome by sadness and so chose instead to behave like a moronic, barbaric, savage ass, not very much different than Islamofascist terrorists themselves, and display abject hate and loathing to his own heroic countryman. On your dime. 

Another rank CBC reader/idiot, named milosmili1, chimed in, on this occasion of the death of a countryman:

Posted 2008/07/19 at 11:13 AM ET

In effect all Canadian soldiers are doing is securing territories for the future gas and oil pipelines funded by Haliburton and other scummy US corporations. US foreign policy has failed, they lost trillions of $$$ “investing” into Iraq and Afganistan thinking they will get a return. US economy is crumbling down. If Canada follows it it will also crumble. So we need our soldiers to be part in our economic development more then for a stupid WAR in Afganistan.

Apparently he’s so stupid he can’t even spell Afghanistan, but he thinks you’ll follow the “lead” of this stupid ass anyway.  That would make you stupider.  The CBC approved it. 

One former Canadian solder wrote in, after reading some of the remarks in utter disgust and sadness and some degree of desperation:

EX CF Ampuroid wrote
Posted 2008/07/19 at 10:42 AM ET

I am begging the editorial staff to shut down the comments on this story. Although most of the comments are supportive so far as the has degenerates away from the topic at hand to being about George W Bush, conspiracy theories and how this brave soul wasted his life. For the sake of this mans friends and family and allow them to honour his life as they wait for their hero’s return.

But the CBC doesn’t care.  They like this.  Spreads the message they like, I imagine.  So it goes on.  That’s why after that former soldier, above, wrote what he wrote in desperation, this barbaric CBC ass saw fit to write the following, and the CBC approved it for posting:

Great White North wrote
Posted 2008/07/19 at 10:52 AM ET

“EX CF Ampuroid wrote, “I am begging the editorial staff to shut down the comments on this story… For the sake of this mans friends and family and allow them to honour his life as they wait for their hero’s return.” 

Nuh-uh. This isn’t a blog for the Canadian armed forces. Sit back down on your chair and listen to the voices of your fellow Canadians who refuse to buy into this super-patriot cheerleading drivel.  We’ve been polite up ‘til now, but the kid gloves are off.

Is the soldier’s family warned to stay away from the CBC web site?  Does his mother get a memo from one of their moderators warning them that the CBC readers all HATE her child and are currently using the CBC web site that they pay for to DECIMATE his memory? 

The CBC pre-approves all comments.  They thought those above and many more worse than them were appropriate and serves the national interest, and is a wise use of your money. 

Think this is about the most egregious, most vile hate and the very opposite of compassion, all this CBC web site savagery? 

FarLeft wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 11:54 AM ET

[…] this is a NEWS blog, not a site set up by the family of Cpl. Arnal for people to pay personal respects.

It’s not a “news blog”, it’s a hate blog, full of haters, and barbarians, and savages.  And total idiots. 

The CBC has bred readers that are so vile, so hard left-wing, so out of touch, that they think liberals are “right wing”.  See this comment by a capital-letter-challenged (except, and only, exclusively for her own name) moron, who is obviously a Jack Layton – NDP supporter or a Communist Party supporter: 

Camilleri wrote

while we love our brothers and sisters, even those who will sign up to use violence in service of their commanders, even those who do so under the canadian flag, and while we have compassion for those families who lose sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, this does not mean that the purpose for our involvement in afghanistan is right nor necessary. this is the message of the right, be they the libs or the neo-cons (and the former are far less dangerous to us as human beings on this planet and citizens of this country), it does not make it so […]  you are not serving any country by using violence in service of the neo-cons!

Let’s hope the late soldier’s family doesn’t read this one—written by the same idiot who can’t spell, above —although sadly,  I’m sure they will:

milosmili1 wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 11:40 AM ET

[…] Cpl. James Hayward Arnal was NOT a professional soldier, and his decision to participate in the war was solely his. He was a VOLONTEER soldier. Unfortune he didn’t do his homework: distniguish between POSSIBLE from IMPOSSIBLE. Canadian Govt will never admit the later to any of our soldiers. He died in vain as other 87.

The CBC thought that was just perfect for the consumption of the soldier’s family.  It’s excellent having a state-owned, state-run web site that they pay for so they can read prose like that about their son and brother.  There’s so many more comments—all approved by the state-owned taxpayer funded CBC, working in the national interest for unity and advancement of our country: 

Anomalous wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 10:56 AM ET

Baa, baa, Canadian sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
But it doesn’t stanch the flow of blood.


JayJay wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 10:09 AM ET

Let me guess. He was a hero, he believed in the mission, blah blah blah. […]

CBC readers are rabidly anti-American.  They HATE America.  HATE.  It’s no wonder to me. 

baltzera wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 10:04 AM ET

[…] So in essence our troops are now target practice for the Taliban and our present government continues to use their lives to pay homage to the Americans. Pawns of Americas madness.


The CBC has become the meeting place for communists and far-leftists, and haters and anti-Americans and ant-capitalists freaks.  And it seems the CBC and its moderators are fully on board with this.  I think the inmates are running the asylum.  And the suits approve. 

This classic leftist moron (same one as noted above) deploys the oh-so-original technique of the 14-year-old twit girl, in ensuring she never even accidentally touches her computer’s CAP key when typing (I’m sure she goes back and corrects capitalized letters to make sure there’s none, and only capitalizes her own name), in her massive and excruciatingly boring 8,000-word communist diatribes, several of which she’s already posted today.  She’s using the soldier’s death to advocate her communist ideals.  The CBC approves of this preaching, on this occasion. 

Camilleri wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 12:57 AM ET

sorry islander7, our soldiers do not serve me, not at all. they don’t serve you either. they serve the government of the day, a government which has been shifting further and further to the right of centre ever since the days of mr. trudeau. a government of the far right serves the interests of those who are privileged, wealthy, ideologically aligned and well-connected, they do not serve those who question the government’s motives, policies, ideology in public….

They HATE Americans.  HATE them.  And Christians—and all the West.  Terrorists are good, we are bad.  Especially CHRISTIANS.  It’s like a sickness.  CBC approves it.  That’s even sicker. 

Bobsan wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 1:12 PM ET

Omar Khadr was a child when he was caught by the yanks.

Canadian, american, european (Oh look at that…CHRISTIAN) troops are occupying Afghanistan. What do you expect them to do? They have every right to fight against our imperial strormtroopers.

The yanks bombed a wedding party last week (47 dead women and children) AND not a wink from anyone here


These people are such irreverent asses they can’t stop themselves.  On the occasion of the death of one of our countrymen, they see fit to reintroduce their loony conspiracy theories about 9/11.  Anything to bring us down.  Blame us first.  We’re the terrorists.  We deserve to be attacked. 

Jack Canuckski wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 1:13 PM ET

Whenever I hear about another Canadian has been killed in Afghanistan, I blame the Canadian government and not the Taliban.
Whenever the question is asked, “Why are Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan?” I’m told that it’s because they attacked us on 9/11. However, I have yet to see any evidence that this is the case.
I still remember the way things happened that day, and I know that the story that everyone is saying is fact, i.e. that America was attacked on 9/11 by agents of Al Qaida, directed and financed by Osama bin Laden, from a cave in Afghanistan, is sheer fantasy.

[…] If Afghanistan had nothing to do with 9/11, we have no business in Afghanistan.

Once again another one of the communist CBC readers, “Communist4Ever” offered condolences to the soldier’s family, in this way: 

Communist4Ever wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 1:27 PM ET

[…] I don’t care about the Taliban …. to me they are simply an instrument used to deplete the world’s population of American & Canadian soldiers.

The CBC approves of his repeated posts about his HATE of Canada and America and approves of his repeated pro-communist zeal, on this particular occasion, or any damn time he wants.  Its the CBC.  You pay for it.  So proud…

And as I’ve said before, the new Canadian leftist, as amply demonstrated by the CBC, is a pansy-assed loser.  They see loss and negative and failure and impossibility and defeat everywhere they turn; and in the face of a challenge, their counsel is to surrender.  “Better red than dead”.  Better to be terrorized and have our Canadian families killed and mamed and our Western lifestyles decimated and replaced with Islamofascism than to put up a good fight, as we did before and won.  We’re losing now?  Better run away like pantywaisted little pansies.  And as usual, these folks are so stupid they can’t even remotely spell, or use spellcheck. 

ireburg wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 1:26 PM ET

[…] that this youngman’s live has been sadly sacrificed in what I believe is a total lost cause.
We should not be in Afganistan.This is not a winnable war. We should get out of there immidiately.

Up next:  since we haven’t had any HATE comments about Christians at the CBC on this article about the soldier’s death for nearly twenty seconds, here comes one, which actually focuses more on how BAD the West is.  We’re BAD.  PLEASE FEEL BAD, you BAD westerners, for we are BAD: 

lorneo wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 1:44 PM ET

When will the christian crusades into the holylands end. This has been going on for centuries with the same result. Why do the western countries keep trying to change these people, does everyone have to live in a democracy? Stephen Harper has his nose so far up Bush’s backside that it is scary. Once our young men pull out of Afghanistan it to will return to what it was like before, it is a waste of life. These people must be getting sick and tired of western interferance in their ways, no matter how backward to ours they seem.

Here’s an excellent—albeit repeated three thousand times already—tribute to the fallen soldier and Canadian hero:

Bullwinkle wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 2:16 PM ET

Rigger, capitalism is just as “sad” as communism (and it could even be persuasively argued that it’s even sadder than communism). There’s no moral high ground to be had when there’s a bottom line involved.

Before that, the moronic bovine “Bullwinkle”, informing us that Bush and Cheney and the U.S. government were behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks, wrote:

Bullwinkle wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 1:57 PM ET

johnboone wrote: “Why are we there ?”

Well John, it’s not to keep the Yanks happy, as you suggest. It’s to help Misters Bush & Cheney keep those very same Yanks from focusing their attentions on the outright fraud perpetrated against them by their own seated government, namely 9/11.

And you constantly hear from the loons who still don’t get it: 

Dr. Heywood R. Floyd wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 2:32 PM ET

… Mr. Harper, would you send your son to fight in this illegal occupation? …

Hey “Doctor” (apparently a “doctor” of stupidity and Michael Moore talking points): no fathers or mothers “send” their children to fight.  The soldiers each voluntarily joined up on their own, proudly, and are paid a pittance.  In this young heroic soldier’s case, the CBC article even admits:  “He was on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan and had expressed interest in returning for a third tour in 2009.”  And when they’re killed, they know what will come next, because they’ve read the CBC web site.  HATE.  VILE HATRED.  Are Canadians really this stupid?  Do people really buy into that kind of crap? 

Then, just when you think left-wing Canadians can’t be any more obtuse: 

Ms Alta wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 3:01 PM ET

[…] The Canadian military is placing Canadians in danger of terrorism. Equally, wars are environmentally destructive and a waste of energy resources. An American soldier uses 22 gallons of fuel a day. Halliburton profits $2500 a fill up.

James Arnel’s live has been sacrificed and as a Canadian this truly saddens me. I may be disrespectful to military but not for human life.

There’s actually no limit to the idiocy:

robert mackay wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 4:55 PM ET

stockwell day has three strapping sons, each of which shares their fathers commitment to this country, none of whom have served in any of their fathers wars.

when will our young men and women no longer be held to the highest standards of honour by those who have none?

“exporting freedom” is synonymous with “murderous colonialism”.

i can only hope our troops fight with all the vigour of the afghans when, with the traitorous assistance of stockwell day, american forces cross into canada.

That same nutbar makes a direct comparison between our Canadian troops and NAZIS:

robert mackay wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 5:32 PM ET

“But seriously, we’re in Afghanistan to finish what’s we’ve started before moving on to something else.”

yeh… kind of like the nazis…

they werent particularly influenced by humanitarian issues either.


And then he again demands that “stockwell day” (he’s incapable of reaching for the CAP key) “offer up his three sons” for the military… and every conservative and liberal should too.  These people like “robert mackay” actually vote in Canada.  For Layton I guess. 

robert mackay wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 6:36 PM ET

[…] maybe stockwell day should offer up his three sons for the military or resign his office and let some decent canadian take his place. i cant believe that, for all his support of war, he hasn’t even offered up his own flesh and blood.

for that matter, maybe every conservative and liberal mp who supports this war should have their of-age children join the infantry or resign their office.


This next one sounds EXACTLY like every liberal in Canada:  total asinine, blinkered, and just addicted to the CBC. 

CharlesChristie wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 6:02 PM ET

To Steve Harper and the rest of the brainless bunch who condone us being there.
Is there not enough to do here , to help your own people who can’t get proper funding for hospitals, schools, elder care facilities, etc.etc. that you have to go looking for things to do around the world? What about Darfur and Kenya etc. Bush doesn’t have oil interest there or interests in the drug trade does he?
The crops have never been better since we all went over there to “fight terrorism” have they? Coincidence? I doubt it. We are so useless we can’t even stop the growing of the poppy, we might injure someones livelihood and have more of the population on our backs, killing our troops.
While I have nothing against providing humanitarian aid to needy people, the way you are trying to go about would be laughable if it wasn’t so tragic. Let’s all join bush and force “democracy” on the whole world by invading all countries that don’t agree with our way of life. That’ll learn the dummies.

This one bars no holds in his HATE for the military.  His country’s military.  Canada’s. 

Jimbo5 wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 7:18 PM ET

Well “diverman” you really have a vivid imagination too. May I suggest that you try to wean yourself …gradually off whatever Propaganda that you two right wing wackos are listening to. You must think that this young man lost his life so that you two fools could have a Sargent Rock moment here…
You glorify the horror of war like it was some patriotic ritual that only you Military boys can understand…25 years of murder wow I would be proud of that feat ,believe me somewhere in this world a little child weeps for his father or mother just so that you macho types can brag about killing their parent…..Well hopefully Canada will come to its senses and shut its heart to the likes of you two …you are just two military scumbags and if you both died tomorrow no one would grieve for you.

Three CBC fans “recommended” that comment, so far, but it’s only seconds old…

This next one, written by one of the CBC readers, seems to slander Stockwell Day (libel, or defamation, as his lawyers will properly be calling it), who is actually one of the most honorable, most decent, most intelligent and solid Canadians I have ever known of.  But the CBC commenter does it in no uncertain terms, by name.  If I were the CBC, I’d lawyer up.  Oh who am I kidding?  They approved this post.

robert mackay wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 7:17 PM ET

[…] [Stockwell Day] is of specific interest to me because of his long demonstrated and egregious disloyalty to canada, and the numerous threats that he currently poses.

from inviting foreign mercenaries in to take control of our vital resource infrastructure to his ongoing attempts to create a blackwater style private militia to control our southern border… a hundred bin ladens couldnt represent as great a threat to this country as mr. day.


“Robert MacKay” (without the capitals of course, as he is a nimrod) then added this—seemingly begging that he and the CBC, which approved the post, be sued.  (I reported it using the CBC’s “Personal Attack” option, but they don’t care—it remains there as all the other ones I reported as Hate Speech do): 

robert mackay wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 7:50 PM ET

[…] as well, his determination to establish a fifth column within our internal security infrastructure is a matter of the public record. he may not be the first traitor in charge of our security apparatis, but traitor he is.

and his sons will never die in a war defending canada…



And he reinforced it later, again.  Lawyers should pick this up as evidence.  And everyone should pick this up as evidence that the CBC is an out of control hatefest that has literally been taken over by the extreme left. 

robert mackay wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 8:29 PM ET

[…] “he is a traitor.” [referring to Stockwell Day—Joel]

They never stop.  The hate grows.  Now it’s on to Conservatives, generally.  Out of the blue, calls Conservatives “racists”.  Warns Conservatives of the coming “BLACK” (his capitalization) Obama Presidency.  The CBC LOVES this, obviously. 

Jimbo5 wrote:
Posted 2008/07/19 at 8:17 PM ET

[…] You Conservative racists must really be P.O. as it is looking very much like a …ahem. a BLACK man will be in your precious white house and I don’t think he really cares for the likes of you bunch of racists . You really need to grow up and stop playing toy soldiers. In the real world people like Cpl. James Hayward Arnal ( and 100s of thousands of innocent people ) die because of your Conservatives know it all patriotic hogwash.

This CBC is literally a national embarrassment.  And the idea that the state-owned media can be used as a conduit through which vile, barbaric extremists can be welcomed in such a way to express their hate and their vile, disgraceful remarks on an article about the death of one of our own soldiers or in fact ever, is absolutely a national disgrace. It’s insulting to the memory of the soldier, to Canadians, and to Canada.  The CBC is a national disgrace.  The fact that nobody seems to give a damn is even worse to me.  It disgusts me. 

State-owned and state-run media should be banned in this country, and that notion enshrined in our constitution. 
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