I get a palpable sense that it’s not just me and the usual Republican or conservative or at least right-thinking punditry and luminaries like the esteemed Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer, whose column this week is entitled “Obama: The fall”, and author and Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, who are sensing a change in tide. Noonan Tweeted yesterday,

In their most recent columns, they both point to Obama’s fall from grace and any hope of a positive legacy. More on that in a bit.

There’s so much more gong on out there. And it’s not just the fortunes of President Obama (falling) about which people  —  even uncommitted or non-partisan people  —  are taking notice of, and fighting with words and sundry postings in Twitter accounts or blogs. It’s the Obamamania media, a large part Obama-goofball-001of which is stuck on stupid and refuses to acknowledge they are getting caught in their own left-wing, progressive-politics-advocating biases and lies, which people are fighting back against. And that will fertilize the liberal mainstream media’s already seeded downfall.

Good, I say.

I find more and more citizens and an increasing number of well-equipped citizen journalists are looking askance at Team Progressive and their tactics  —  the deception, the division into classes or BS percentages (“we are the __%!”) , the projection, the obfuscation, what the media chooses to report and how, and what they choose NOT to report and why. The outright lies told by President Obama, and his pathological habit of engaging in some of the most malodorous, partisan politics and destructive politics of division: it’s starting to grate on the American people.

It’s particularly this odious partisanship  —  this seemingly endless attack-oriented campaigning  —  where he engages in hateful partisanship and then, sometimes the very next day, risibly blames and bashes his opponents of acting exactly as he, and only he, has been. He’s supposed to be the unifier. He’s the opposite. He’s supposed to fix just these problems. He’s making things worse. On purpose!

Both he and more generally the Democrats, liberals, mainstream media, academia, the trusty old Obama-loving liberal Hollywood, and the many professional left-wing advocacy industry lobbyists like the race-baiting industry and the feminist industry and the abortion industry, are more and more getting caught and called-out for their corruption of lies, hypocrisy, political advocacy, coverups, and whitewashes. Caught and called-out by plain folks.

And I love it. We are the 53%!

Here’s an excellent caught-on-tape video example of a citizen who happened to be there while another one of those useful idiot news reporters (from NBC) is caught red-handed purposely (or at the very least, through her willful ignorance) failing to report the whole story  —  which we should view in juxtaposition to how she or any of the mainstream media might have reported on a nice, peaceful tea party rally. This happened at the recent May Day mayhem in Manhattan, which almost nobody in the media (except possibly in Seattle where there were also outrageous anti-capitalist and violent left-wing riots) bothered to cover  — on account of it being another left-wing riot of left-wing mobs, instead of it being conservatives (which, if it were, they’d be sure to point out with a six-part series of news reports).

Let’s watch: (http://dailycaller.com/2013/05/03/wnbc-reporter-ida-siegal-doesnt-know-what-the-hammer-sickle-symbol-represents/)

These reporters  —  these investigating journalism sleuths —  are the same people who went to the ends of the earth to find the one “extreme” placard at any tea party rally that said anything other than “good afternoon, cuppa tea?” And when they couldn’t find one, they just made it up. This recent left-wing-caused May Day violence is something like you never, ever, see conservatives or the tea party engaging in. No, not at those always peaceful and generally upbeat and mostly family-oriented tea party rallies, no, not ever.

Other recent examples of the left’s glib treachery abound  —  and as usual, it’s the right-thinking blogosphere, and Fox News Channel, and very few others (CNN’s Jake Tapper and the liberal Fox News contributor Kirsten Powers being two of the few notable exceptions) who are pointing out the corruption.

The Kermit Gosnell abortion/murder trial and its lack of coverage is a news story which is only slowly becoming a story  —  ironically one now dominated more by mea culpas from the mainstream media for its failure to report on it  —  and only after being embarrassed by conservative Tweeters and bloggers and of course Fox News Channel, The Daily Caller, Weekly Standard, Twitchy.com, and similar truth-tellers, including the indispensable DrudgeReport.com.

The coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings, in which the media tried its very hardest to be just like the Obama administration vis-à-vis Benghazi (you’ll remember they tried to lie to you and blame it on some benign YouTube video), and particularly at the left-wing joke of a news network MSNBC which tried as best they could to once again blame “right-wingers,” made for pure comedy gold. But it provided another excellent example of another phony narrative  —  which only a few years ago, the media might have gotten away with. Instead of facing up to the more obvious notion of the bombing being a terrorist attack and the result of radical Islamic jihadists, they were forced, rather quickly, and more quickly than they would have liked by this new and growing army of newly vigilant citizens, to actually acknowledge the truth. You know, sort of like what journalists are supposed to do.

The truth helps ruin the phony Obama narrative that Islamic terrorism and Islamic jihadism are but a thing of the past, what with Obama’s brave slaying of Usama bin Laden, and his doctrine of Islamist appeasement, and his downgrading of American power, and of course that “hope and change” thing.

Now, we have an excellent example of the continued unraveling of potentially the biggest of them all  —  the Obama (aided and abetted by his adoring, corrupt media) coverup of what we  —  and they, as we now know  —  knew was always a terrorist attack  —  possibly al Qaeda-linked  —  on the embassy in Benghazi Libya. The excellent reporting by Stephen Hayes at the conservative Weekly Standard about newly discovered proof of an Obama administration coverup, makes this a must-read for anyone interested in history, and truth, and honesty in government, instead of lies and Obama-style power politics. I and most of the right-thinking blogosphere have been shouting “coverup” since just after that horrific Benghazi attack happened and the Obamatons started blaming a YouTube video in place of the truth, and it’s finally getting more attention now. But again, only because the severity of the facts are being exposed, and the fact that the facts simply can’t be willfully ignored any more, because of the likes of “us”.

Back to those columns by Krauthammer, and Noonan: They both write this week of the failure of Obama. So much more can be said, and so much more will be. But I already know I will always look back on these years not just as the predictable years of the failed Barack Obama regime, but more specifically at how the mainstream media  —  and make no mistake it’s his media  —  was finally so caught up in its lies and perfidy and its left-wing or so-called “progressive” advocacy, that the regular people of the world started catching up  —  and ending it.

It’s not just Obama who failed, as Krauthammer and Noonan have written  —  it’s the media. And the people are winning.